Thursday, November 23, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Frustration Crest Lake Park restrooms remain closed


Manager gets high marks Oct. 19, letter

Council request falls on deaf ears

I agree with the Clearwater City Council that City Manager Bill Horne is an asset.

When I stood in front of the council with a petition of 160 signatures protesting the closing of the bathrooms at Crest Lake Park, Mr. Horne seemed to be the only one who listened to what I had to say.

Mayor George Cretekos wanted to avoid the topic, saying they had already discussed the matter, and Doreen Hock-DiPolito appeared to be text- ing on her smartphone while I talked.

Mr. Horne showed concern that so many taxpaying citizens want our public restrooms at the 40-acre park reopened, and even promised that the closing was temporary.

Unfortunately, the rest of the City Council has turned its back on the Skycrest neighborhood, and the restrooms remain welded shut.

Shannon O'Leary-Beck, Clearwater

Term limits don't need legislation

The voters of Dunedin will have a choice this election to establish term limits for the members of our City Commission. Term limits restrict my freedom.

If you have a really good public servant and you want to keep him, you can't. You have to get rid of the good candidate and replace him with someone who's inexperienced. You are eliminating the people who have wisdom and experience from political life.

We don't have to pass term limits to have term limits. All you have to do is vote the incumbent out!

The term limit concept was considered during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and was rejected by the delegates. John Adams stated, "There is no right clearer, and few of more importance, than that the people should be at liberty to choose the ablest and best men, yet, upon the term limits supposition, the people voluntarily resign this right, and shackle their own choice."

If you believe a politician should be removed from office, do it the American way — with facts, ideas and the voting booth. If I want to vote for the same person year after year, it should be my right as an American.

So, my primary objection to term limits: They are un-American! Vote "no" on Dunedin Charter Amendment No. 4.

Robert Burdewick, Dunedin

A cruel act by a cruel person

The killer intentionally drove off the narrow shell road onto the shoulder and ran down a longtime resident of Crystal Beach. The victim's skull was crushed. His face was unrecognizable. His body had burst. Chuck was dead.

Chuck was well-known and liked by his neighbors. They would stop their cars and wait for him to get across the street. Sometimes they would get out and help the old fellow get to the other side.

Chuck was a gopher tortoise. Purposely running him over could never be understood by a sane person. Who could take pleasure in his killing?

Chuck will be missed.

Anne Hultgren, Crystal Beach

2012 holiday boat parades

Split up dates on the boat parades

As a regular visitor to your area, I just checked the December schedule for the lighted holiday boat parades and once again find it difficult to understand why the St. Petersburg, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and Clearwater boat parades are all being held the same Dec. 8 evening.

These lighted boats are a magnificent sight and the boat owners go to great lengths to present a beautiful presentation to a very large viewing public.

Because there are only so many lighted boats that participate, I encourage you to please bring this to the attention of the various cities as well as the boat owners and viewing public by placing an article in your newspaper.

Hopefully, then common sense will prevail and someone will select one of the other seven Saturday or Sunday evenings so each parade will be well represented for viewing.

Frank Alexander, Orlando


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