Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Gas tax hike is too much for residents

Is there any tax commissioners do not want to increase on the residents of Pasco County?

They often talk of their vision of Pasco County. This vision is attracting business and having the current residents pay for it through increased gas taxes, property taxes and fire district taxes.

They claim the cost of maintaining a lane of road has gone up from $1,664 in 2008 to $2,516 now and that is the reason we need to increase our gasoline taxes. This is an increase of 51 percent. I wonder how, in today's economy, that could be true.

They believe that we support these increases because we have not contacted them. We need to email them and let them know our opinions.

Jeff McCrory, Land O'Lakes

Dollars speak louder than words

I am dismayed to hear the positions of Commissioners Henry Wilson, Ted Schrader and Jack Mariano regarding code enforcement officers in the current budget talks. How has cutting the number of officers from 24 in 2008 to the current 14 positively affected the life of the residents of Pasco County and moved the county forward as a premier county?

It certainly appears there was a failure of leadership, innovation, service excellence and quality in the service delivered to citizens from the board and administration. I would like for you to explain how putting a hold on plans to hire just two officers, not the four requested by your administration, will impact the implementation of the "The Harbors — West Market Area Redevelopment/Infill Plan." One of the five-year critical elements is the ability of code enforcement to be proactive in stopping blight and protecting the county's aging areas from falling into further disrepair. How will this failure to hire more staff in this area impact the success or failure of this very ambitious project?

The commission needs to demonstrate a real commitment to the redevelopment of west Pasco not with words and a public relations campaign, but with dollars in the budget. The pledge to make this a premier county is directly connected to the successful redevelopment of west Pasco and commissioners need to demonstrate the leadership and political courage to accomplish their ambitious goals.

Ken Savich, Holiday

Sole polling place isn't convenient

Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley's stated motive for opening only one polling place for the Oct. 15 special election for Florida House Seat 36 is saving the county $30,000 in election costs.

It is noteworthy that the one polling place to be opened, the West Pasco Government Center just off Little Road in New Port Richey, is a bit of a trek for voters at either end of the elongated District 36. The voters should be provided with one polling location on the south side and one on the north side of District 36.

I am surprised the Supervisor of Elections is making it difficult for voters to vote. Could it possibly be that this is another maneuver by Republicans, like Gov. Rick Scott's incessant search for illegal voters, to shrink the voter turnout in District 36 because the district enjoys a majority of registered Democrats?

Joe King, New Port Richey

Stick to critiquing entertainment

I was at the Show Palace at the same time as Barbara Fredericksen, your professional entertainment critic. We both saw the same show and ate the same food. I agree with her as to the actors in the show. They were above good; they were close to excellent. The play itself was fine with me, but I look at things different than her and probably a lot of other people.

However, she seems to have an ax to grind with the new management.

The food quality and the selection is part of her critique. Why? I have been at the Show Palace when the food was not completely to my liking, but after being to more shows than I can count over the years it has never been as bad as she portrays in her critique. If this is to be part of your overall critique, then I suggest you let Ms. Fredericksen do the entertainment and send a food critic as well. I believe a professional food critic would at least be impartial.

Roberta Gaudioso, Spring Hill


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