Sunday, May 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Get government out of the marriage business

State shouldn't deny marriage | March 31, guest column

Just stay out, government

The guest column said the state shouldn't deny marriage. (Actually, it doesn't. Tradition aside, even Webster's defines marriage as between persons of the opposite sex.)

That aside, the solution to the divisive gay marriage issue is simple: the government should get out of the marriage business altogether.

What we call marriage would be a two-step process: First, a civil union. The important thing is that this would be what counts — essentially, filling out the paperwork. All the rights and privileges of marriage follow. Secondly, some would marry in a church or elsewhere; but that would be purely symbolic. The state would have nothing to do with it; in particular, who could be married would be entirely up to the church.

I would think that those that believe in traditional marriage would do the second. But government couldn't require a church to marry a gay couple any more than they can require the Catholic Church to marry people that have been divorced. In fact, if gay marriage is forced upon us, those churches that don't support same-sex marriage should stop doing the marriage (civil union) for the state, stop doing the paperwork as they do now.

Ernest Lane, Trinity

State shouldn't deny marriage | March 31, guest column

The Bible defines what marriage is

The guest columnist mentions the Book of Common Prayer of 1571. What about the Bible, which states marriage is between a man and a woman?

Let's put God back in our country.

R.W. Schaller, New Port Richey

Sad treatment of Constitution | March 31, letter

Constitution wasn't booed

One of the best ways to protect the United States Constitution is to be an informed citizen. I was at the Pasco Commission meeting to support requiring background checks at Pasco gun shows to reduce gun violence. Yes, there was booing, it was directed at Commissioner Jack Mariano, not the Constitution. I doubt if Mr. Mariano even read the resolution; no other members of the commission were given written copies before the meeting. He put a resolution before the Commission that was incoherent.

Letters to the editor are opinions. The writer's opinions were not informed by what happened at the commission meeting. The only disrespect shown to the Constitution at the meeting was by Commissioner Mariano, who presented a resolution that even the authors of the Constitution would not recognize.

I do not see how doing background checks so that criminals and the mentally ill are denied firearms has anything to do with the Second Amendment. It has a great deal to do with protecting us all from gun violence.

June Keener, New Port Richey

Offensive float should be banned | April 4, letter

Not offended by Krewe's float

Once again, the supposed supporters of the American Indian Movement of Florida have nothing better to do than to criticize the Krewe of Chasco. I am a proud Native American and I find no fault with the Krewe of Chasco's float and the theme of the Chasco Fiesta.

I appreciate that they are honoring American Indians and just because a person has white skin does not mean that he or she is not of Native American heritage.

I will be there this weekend to enjoy the festival and to proclaim my proud Shawnee heritage.

Linda Jones, New Port Richey

Fivay High staff cares and shows it | March 21, letter

Principal must be held accountable

The writer stated, "I was even more disturbed when television reports pointed fingers at the principal." Well, I felt the opposite. I was elated to think someone is finally realizing what I knew last year.

My daughter, who is learning disabled, fell prey to the condoning of bullying by principal Angela Stone during her junior year at Fivay High School.

I ended up writing an email to the Pasco School Board, received a phone call and eventually a meeting with Principal Stone.

I have never met a more unprofessional principal in all my years as an involved parent. She refused to take any responsibility nor give any apology; only blamed others.

After this meeting, my daughter no longer felt that Fivay was a safe learning environment. She transferred and my daughter is now thriving and enjoying her senior year at Ridgewood.

Fivay principal Angela Stone needs to be held accountable for how her school is failing its students.

Melody Grantham, Port Richey


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