Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Good for Kriseman for digging in on recycling

A recycling idea is back on the table | June 13

Good for Kriseman for digging in

Kudos to Mayor Rick Kriseman for taking it upon himself to dig deeper into the logistics of recycling in St. Petersburg. His analysis uncovered the fact that there are several ways to approach the issue that can significantly alter the costs, depending on where you want the costs to be! The city staff has never been fond of recycling, and the mayor's leadership in issuing a challenge to them seems to be bearing fruit.

In studying the issue as a mayoral candidate in 2009, I found that the impact of a robust recycling program causes a serious cost shift in the solid-waste-disposal model. Simply put, packaging, aluminum, paper and plastic take up a huge proportion of solid-waste bulk. As Clearwater is finding out, we may be able to reduce garbage pickup to once per week, down from twice, if recycling is compelled to be done once per week.

I applaud this revisiting of curbside recycling for St. Petersburg.

Scott Wagman, St. Petersburg

Chihuly Collection

Museum is perfect new home

Couldn't the Chihuly Collection become a permanent installation at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts? Is there any way to integrate a permanent display in the new wing that has abundant residual sunlight, which is ideal for blown glass?

Considering that the huge Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan has a "suggested" admission of $25, isn't it time that St. Pete realizes that visiting three relatively small galleries with a collective price tag nearly triple the Metropolitan Museum's is out of step?

If the Chihuly Collection could be included in the Museum of Fine Arts, patrons could see two incredible art museums in St. Pete for around $50. It would be a step in the right direction, and a dual pass for the fine arts museum and the Dalí Museum could be created, too.

Rand Moorhead, St. Petersburg

City workers want living wage | June 15

Top earners should sacrifice

Since it would cost about $1 million to implement the living wage proposal for the 308 St. Petersburg city workers making less than $15 an hour, a simple solution to pay for it would be to take 10 percent from city workers, including the mayor and his high-priced staff, who are making over $100,000 per year, to cover the cost of this worthwhile effort.

As City Council member Wengay Newton is quoted in the article as saying, "Hopefully, we'll encourage or shame other people into doing the same." I, for one, am embarrassed and apologetic about the fact that people who work for the city are in poverty.

James Donelon, St. Petersburg


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