Monday, December 18, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Government agencies have right idea on evacuation routes

New evacuation route not needed

It is refreshing that the EPA is functioning and fulfilling the purpose of protecting the public lands from the greedy developers, swamp busters and their cronies in our local and state governments.

The original suggestion of the EPA, the Corps of Engineers and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to continue widening State Road 52 and Moon Lake Road as evacuation routes is still the most cost effective and sensible solution. The answer to Michele Baker's comment that we are wasting taxpayer money attempting to overcome the EPA's objections, seems to provide its own answer.

Quit throwing taxpayer money away pursing a destructive, unnecessary, doomed project and follow the EPA's suggestions. They are right, you are wrong. Accept and move on to more important uses of precious taxpayer money. Please stop attempting to destroy so much of the Serenova Wilderness Preserve for such an unnecessary project.

I have long wondered why the Pasco County commissioners have pushed so hard for this project when every explanation of justification is so weak and unsupportable. The payoff cannot be for the greater good of the majority of Pasco County residents.

Frank Schroeder, Land O'Lakes

Firearms cache is tip of the iceberg | Feb. 15 letter

License to sell guns hard to get

Any person or organization can restrict firearms on their property. Ever been to Disneyland? As for "selling guns out of a home," existing county regulations preclude residential-zoned property owners from conducting business from their homes. If there is a flaw in Hernando's zoning regulations perhaps the writer should work to change it.

The writer also seems not to know that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) is the agency that issues licenses to sell firearms. The applicant must demonstrate to a federal law enforcement officer that all county, state and BATF requirements have been met as well as submit to one of the most extensive background investigations. I know what this entails as I once held a federal firearms license.

The NRA represents a segment of the population who believe in all of the U.S. Constitution just like the writer claims to represent those who seem to not. Restricting law-abiding, licensed, armed citizens is not the solution; they already demonstrated they are trustworthy.

Richard Golden, San Antonio


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Sunday’s letters: Rule of law at stake in Mueller inquiry

Sunday’s letters: Rule of law at stake in Mueller inquiry

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