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Letters: Gun range would attract tourists

New gun range not thought out | Aug. 5, letter

Gun range would attract tourists

I think a new gun range in Pasco actually would be a tourist attraction and would help the local economy. There are currently 843,000 concealed carry permit holders in the state of Florida. The gun range would be popular. The NRA would work with the developers to assure any environmental or other problems were avoided.

The letter writer seems to understand the First Amendment since he exercises his rights. He is against anything that would promote the Second Amendment even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was an individual right.

Ann Bunting, Bayonet Point

Law-abiding need training nearby

A world-class shooting sports facility in Pasco County will bring much-needed revenue to Pasco County, and has the backing of enthusiasts throughout Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. One of the benefits could be the only state-of-the-art, situation-realistic training course this side of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. But the letter writer prefers Pasco's deputies and police officers travel long distances for mandatory training and practice, instead of being on patrol. And he would rather law-abiding citizens of Pasco County, who choose to use every legal means available to defend their families from criminals, not have one of the best ranges for practice.

Anti-gun advocates prefer citizens disarm so violent criminals have no resistance when they rob, rape and kill. Crime rises as much as 50 percent where only criminals have guns. Perhaps the writer should do his homework instead.

Richard Golden, San Antonio

Serve citizens, generate revenue

The letter writer should be delighted that shooting practice opportunities would be expanded at little or no cost to the county. With 18,877 concealed weapon firearm licenses in effect in Pasco County as of July 31, in addition to armed county and state law enforcement agents, hunters, collectors and the untold numbers of law-abiding citizens who keep a gun legally at home or in one's auto (no carry license required), the need for teaching gun safety and proficiency of use through practice is quite apparent.

A first-class range that attracted tournaments and visitors would also provide additional county revenues sorely needed in Pasco County.

Florida law protects each gun range from undue legal harassment and protects the environment at the same time (Chapter 790.333).

Pasco County can efficiently provide needed citizen services while protecting its budget, and clearly remain within its powers to legislate. Now that's a good plan.

Irene Giragosian, Bayonet Point

Top-notch range would be an asset

People enjoy coming to Pasco County for fishing, boating and target shooting. If we can get a class-one shooting range, it would attract people from all over. You can count on it to be used in a safe manner. All gun dealers by law must perform background checks. I definitely am in favor of a quality gun range in Pasco County.

Dennis Bonfiglio, Hudson

Gun range could make Pasco safer

I am not sure why the letter writer suggests Commissioner Henry Wilson did not do his homework in regards to the proposed gun range.

If the writer did his homework, he would be cognizant that FBI statistics show that areas with high-density gun owners (concealed weapons permits) have significantly lowers levels of crime. The proposed gun range, which would dually function as a civilian and law-enforcement training ground, would not only promote gun safety, self-protection, job growth and tourism, but could potentially create a safer county.

Commissioners discussed building this facility on property that is already currently owned by the county and in a location not in close proximity to current developments and homes. Noise would not be a factor.

As a graduate student at USF, I am often traveling, from work or school, at night and alone. As a means of self-protection, I am a licensed carrier of a concealed weapon. It is important to remember that this form of self-protection is a constitutional right. Gun ranges, such as the one proposed, offer education on the safety of citizens. Surely anyone who wishes to live in a safer community would not oppose such a proposal.

Rachel O'Connor, Zephyrhills

Editor's note: None of the sites mentioned by Commissioner Henry Wilson are owned by Pasco County.

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