Saturday, February 24, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: I do not feel your (seaplane) pain

Re: Boys, toys and a lot of noise (tbt*, March 31)

Did you guys really need to waste two pages of precious newsprint on this garbage? A bunch of rich, self-centered whiners and their ridiculous problems? "Your seaplane's too loud, I can't hear my landscapers!" "Your boat is causing a wake that's ruining my shoreline!" "Hoi polloi, your plane is so low its rattling the ice in my drink"!

I'm sure this is what the majority of your readers sitting at their desks want to read about. Most of us are dealing with real problems like how are we going to put food on the table with the salaries we make from jerks like these.

I'm sure you have rich readers too, but print a separate paper just for them. And charge them for it! I'm sure you can deliver it to their private gated communities via valet sky drone. Just make sure it's not too loud.

Peter Malinchock, Temple Terrace

More guns, less crime

Re: Trigger happy (tbt* cover story March 31)

I find the continual anti-gun hysteria both hilarious and sad. The same warnings of doom accompanied Florida's passage of "shall-issue" concealed carry permit law in 1987. All that has happened since is a decrease in crime rates. This has been reflected around the country. As other states have increased their gun possession, carry, and self-defense rights, crime has decreased.

To continue to publish statements that paint these laws as bad is inaccurate and irresponsible. It would be nice to see the public informed of the truth about the impact of these laws.

In addition, since five states have "constitutional carry" (no permit required), Georgia is certainly not the most "extreme" (if by "extreme" we mean "constitutional"). I hope Florida will soon move to this as well.

Steve Easterling, Lutz

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