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Letters: It's the Republican Party that's in denial

Re: Brown-Waite challenger Nov. 27 article

It's Republicans who are in denial

After reading U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's comments that the Democrats are in denial, I ask her: Where was her voice for the last eight years when spending was out of control? Massive deficits that almost bankrupted our great nation, not to mention one failed policy after another, tax cuts engineered for the top 5 percent, the list is long and consistent.

If there is any blame to be made, I would ask this question: Who was in charge for the last eight years? It took them eight years to bring this great nation to its knees. How do you expect the Democrats to fix it in less than one year? Here is the bottom line, after a decade of supporting my party (Republicans), I am ashamed of what they have done to this great nation.

Wake up, guys. The failure is yours alone, no one else's. It is the Republican Party that is in a state of denial. That is why the voters threw us out. If we keep going on the same path as before, we might become extinct.

David Torres, Brooksville

Times are tough; better days ahead | Nov. 26 letter

Radical change needed for all

The recent letter saying better days are ahead and the letter writer defending himself as a blind optimist reminds one of what most critics say of those of us who are promoting socialism in America. They say we are naive, grasping at windmills and unrealistic of how the world operates.

However, the shoe now fits on the other foot. What the writer says is true, that life spans are longer, homes are bigger, food is more affordable and more education available. But that is not true for everyone, and each day fewer and fewer Americans have such a luxury or such a privilege.

I am not thankful for where our country is today, or where we, as a nation, are going. I can understand the writer's limited and false perspective, though, because he is relatively secure in his retired lifestyle. He must have multiple pensions, excellent health insurance and probably has never experienced the insecurity of looking for a job, much less losing gainful employment after many years of steady work.

I too am optimistic, but my optimism is not blind, it is based on a belief that by radically altering our economic system we will be able to survive as a nation and for more people (i.e. the entire population) to share in the benefits of full health, housing, employment and education, all as a right, and not as an economic privilege.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

TV commercials drag out the game | Nov. 26 letter

Fans are at mercy of the annoyances

The letter is one that must have touched the hearts of millions of NFL and NCAA football fans. His statement "that commercials are out of control and take away the fun of watching football anymore" is 100 percent correct.

Many of the commercials are repeated several times during the same football game. There are even little pop-up commercials while the action is taking place. These are truly annoying and they also block out closed-captions. The question is, what can football fans watching on TV do about it?

Obviously commercials pay the bills for free TV. Free? First of all, monthly cable and satellite fees are not cheap. DirecTV fans pay extra to watch their favorite team(s) play, plus more to watch all games in high definition. Fans are helpless to change this from happening. Is there an integrity issue here?

Clark Folgate, Spring Hill

Help students for Humane Society

The two fifth-grade gifted classes of Explorer K-8 are collecting supplies for the Humane Society of the Nature Coast. Our goal is to collect 5,000 pounds of supplies.

Last week, our class had a special guest speaker come into our classroom. She was a woman who worked at the Humane Society. She brought in a dog who just found a home. His name was Bo.

We need people to collect supplies such as cat litter, paper towels, bleach, chew toys and Scotch tape. If you could donate a car that they could sell for money, that would be great. In addition, they would use that money to help care for the animals in the shelter.

They are a safe haven for pets. They will help any animal in danger or an animal that has been treated severely. For example, they have a dog named Honey in the shelter right now. She is a Chinese Shar-Pei and she is a gold color. All the animals that they receive in the shelter are to be neutered or spayed.

Please check out the Web site, If you can please help us with our project, come to the front office of Explorer K-8 and drop off any item that you can.

Teighen Serama, Spring Hill

Editor's note: The above is one of nine letters received from Explorer K-8 students about the Humane Society of the Nature Coast.

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