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Letters: Just say 'no' to elevated toll road

Toll road plan goes too far

I have lived in Pasco County since 1975 and witnessed the growth and changes that have occurred in the name of progress. I understood as orange groves were torn down and our rural way of life was eliminated with the sale of the horse farm on Collier Parkway and State Road 54. I knew Hillsborough had nowhere to go for expansion except north. I watched as home values increased and then despaired as the bottom fell out and the blight of foreclosures and short sales hit Pasco and the nation.

Our home values are slowly on the rise, and it appears our economy will gradually recover, but this fiasco of a toll road to help other counties' residents travel through our county, benefit from our land and geographic position, and again wreak havoc on our property values is a travesty.

One easy solution without investigating other options that are possible for an east-west road through Pasco is irresponsible. East-west routes can run through other parts of Pasco that are less populated. Our government in the sunshine should be honored by presenting multiple plans under consideration to all affected parties.

Commissioners should offer evening forums on the east, west, and central parts of our county to make it easily accessible to hard-working residents to attend and be informed proactively instead of a forum of reactive distrust. Stop this elevated toll road along SR 54.

Marilyn Shafer, Land O' Lakes

Can't afford AC and heat anymore | Feb. 16 letter

WREC offers best deal around

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative is a business, not a charity. Your old, inefficient air conditioning/heating is your business, not theirs. Your small Social Security check is your business, not theirs. This is a co-op. You can attend board meetings. You can make your opinions known. You can elect board members. Have you ever sent in a ballot, which they send out at board election time?

But I'll bet you sure love the member profit disbursement every December. No one is writing in and complaining about that.

WREC has excellent service for street light repairs, power outages from storms and the fairest rates around. Try paying for Duke Energy, TECO or Florida Power & Light. Be grateful you aren't paying for a defunct nuclear power plant. WREC has to buy energy to provide your heat, air conditioning and lights. It is not free, and in 2014 it is not cheap.

As a 25-year resident of Pasco and a 25-year member of WREC, I will gladly pay my fair share to keep this cooperative going. Lord help us if a company like Duke takes over. If you think the increase isn't fair from WREC then take a gander at the bills from people on other services. And ask those people about the December bonus disbursement they receive. Not likely.

Thank you, WREC, from a satisfied member.

Jan Cummings, Hudson

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