Thursday, January 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Law skews condominium votes

Condo statute skews votes

Thanks to the Legislature's constant tinkering with Florida Statute 718, which regulates our condominiums, an association conducting a vote on issues related to ownership and bylaws encounters something quite unheard of.

Elections for everything from president to governor, mayor, commissioner and taxation referendum are decided by the voters. When it comes to sections of state law on condominiums, numbers are counted for votes that were not cast.

If the tally of votes cast either for or against an issue totals 70 percent of the number of owners eligible to vote, then the remaining 30 percent of non-votes can be added to the outcome. The issue is decided by the way the issue is worded A failure to vote can be tallied either as a "yes'' or a "no'' depending on the wording of the amendment/agreement. F.S. 718 demands voting something up or down a majority of all those eligible to vote. Try applying this logic to any electoral process in this country which relies on the voice of the people who vote, not on the voice of those that do not vote.

Soon voters in Florida will be considering a constitutional amendment in regards to medical marijuana. The law requires a 60 percent affirmative vote from the number of votes cast, not a 60 percent plurality from the population of eligible voters. How can any rational thinking individual think that this F.S. 718 exception to the democratic process is fair to condominium owners in Florida?

Joseph M. Kobus, New Port Richey

Fired deputy gets benefits March 9 article

A note about unemployment

In Alex Orlando's report, he states that the former deputy collects $275 a week from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office allegedly in the form of unemployment benefits.

Unemployment checks are disbursed from a fund in Tallahassee, which has been built by contributions from all employers in this state. To suggest that the money is coming from the Sheriff's Office would imply that the agency is being punished for some machination, which is not the case.

Please learn about the mechanics of our state unemployment benefit system, and strive to make your reporting a little more accurate.

Brad Knipper, New Port Richey


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