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Letters: Mental health assistance being eroded

Re: Drug abuse

Mental health issues ignored

Please keep these stories coming on this issue. It is getting so much worse in our county. I work in acute care and see this all the time. The tragedies are occurring every day.

We have no easily obtainable drug treatment. Mental health support also is almost nonexistent. BayCare's Harbor is closing its crisis beds, Baker Act beds, at the end of January. These people will be stuck in the emergency rooms of the hospitals and will be discharged back to the street or to their families without any intervention at all and with no follow up.

For a family trying to support someone with delusions, suicidal and a broken brain this is a crime. We do not treat someone with a stroke, heart attack, diabetic coma or seizures this way, but have a broken brain or addiction and you are on your own.

Our shelters will not house someone with a mental health diagnosis, except for New Beginnings, nothing for adults who are homeless and need mental health treatment or medicines. We treat animals better than persons with a mental illness. Please keep these stories coming.

Judy Thompson, Spring Hill

Re: Budget

Let our leaders take a pay cut

How to save money?

How about all commissioners and School Board members take pay cuts? That would help a whole lot.

Linda Stefaniak, Spring Hill

It takes a village | Dan DeWitt column, Jan. 8

Accomplishment is still fulfilling

I agree wholeheartedly — it does take a village.

So many of us are so happy to see a new addition is about to be built adjacent to the "wooden park," which was built 20-something years ago.

At that time, I remember feeling so much pride in this community. Plus, it was just plain fun to come on board with the Junior Service League and their cause. The playground was built in five days and five nights, with all kinds of volunteers — one skilled and two unskilled per job, and as Tricia Bechtelheimer said, most of us were certainly unskilled. But guess what? Whatever we did must not have been so bad. The wooden park is still standing and soon be added to.

The feeling of pride sometimes seems hard to fully explain, but I know for sure how I felt on the fourth night of being part of that project. As I left, I turned around and saw Sharon Taylor and Cindy Ressel standing on the back of a truck handing out tools to whomever volunteered to work through the night. Talk about barn raising. There it was, right in front of me.

Everyone involved had a friendly smile and wave, whether they were finishing a shift or just beginning.

So congratulations once again to organizations such as the Brooksville Junior Service League, Parks and Recreation boards and all you skilled and unskilled laborers. Keep up the great work for future generations to enjoy. Bless you all.

Julia Jinkens, Brooksville

Let government handle real issues

Thanks goodness someone has come to their senses regarding cranes. (Sarcasm intended.) The Federal Aviation Administration and the state of Kentucky have recognized what a dangerous, elusive beast the Sand Hill crane really is.

On Jan. 5, as I was driving home, I was set upon by six of the ferocious creatures. I had to actually stop my car as the Sand Hill cranes ambled across the street. Walking slowly, luring me into a false sense of safety. I am sure the large one was watching me closely.

Thank goodness I had the sense to lock my doors and roll up my windows. Who knows what they could do with those beaks and long legs.

Don't be deceived, it was just a few years back that our own Navy researched a plan to strap explosive mines on the backs of dolphins. Imagine what one of these creatures could do. Bombs, rockets anything and radar would not pick them up. Oh, look it's just another flock of birds they would say. Talk about drones, these are killing machines. I'd be surprised if the U.S. Air Force isn't already doing secret testing.

I think the County Commission needs to address this situation now. Too bad this isn't Kentucky, I could have bagged at least two birds.

And not for nothing, could someone pick up my garbage? Please.

The Rev. James Marsh, Spring Hill

Community was key to success

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community for their support in making our Christmas Celebration of Lights event a big success with an all-time record attendance of 20,000 visitors.

This was the 20th year the Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park have sponsored this community event and the event was even lighter and brighter than ever.

Thanks for showing your support for Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

Joe Dube, president, Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Art Yerian, park manager

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