Saturday, January 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: No taxpayer dollars for swimming pool at Mango Circle

Tarpon's Mango Circle residents wait, hope for funding for new complex story, Aug. 18

Don't spend taxes on luxury items

I am all in favor of people having a clean, safe and affordable home. The people of Mango Circle deserve this too.

However, I am not in favor of spending tax dollars on things that are not necessary. Granite countertops are not a necessity or a right. A swimming pool is not a right, it is a luxury.

I know that the developer is graded on a tax credit application for the features planned for the development. Did the developer receive more points for adding the granite and swimming pool? What is the benefit of granite over a cheaper and more durable countertop? Granite is not better than other surfaces, it is just more fashionable and expensive.

Could the $44.2 million dedicated to affordable housing serve more people if we didn't have granite and swimming pools? I am no expert but, I would say yes.

My taxes are going toward this? What kind of a message does this send to taxpayers? Who is making these decisions?

Terry Callahan, Crystal Beach

New Dunedin playground invites whimsy naturally story, Aug. 4

Park to serve the entire city

The article describes and depicts the wonderful and creative new playground that the city of Dunedin has completed at the new and very public — by nature of its location on a busy roadway — Weaver Park on Bayshore Boulevard north of downtown Dunedin.

Dunedin, like many other cities across our country today, has come to realize the importance of providing for and maintaining restrooms at a park of this nature that benefits much more than simply the nearby and surrounding residential properties. It is common sense and does not require months of study and debate to understand that any park that is truly to be used by many and does not require excessive parking (as it will be used at all hours throughout the day and is accessible by foot, bicycle, skates and other forms of "nongasoline" transportation) is a benefit to the entire city and to our Pinellas County as a whole.

Moreover, the community participation of providing funds for the new playground equipment is all-important as it shows community support and a vested interest by more than just the city leaders.

Dunedin continues to ride a community redevelopment wave present in our country that places the pedestrian, and not the automobile, at the forefront.

It is a wave of redevelopment that is economically and environmentally feasible for the long-term benefit of our country. It is a form of development that allows residents of all ages, especially the young and old, to be able to participate and enjoy all of the important elements of a true community — recreation, entertainment, shopping and, well, all of the elements of life as they should be: close, accessible by foot, and safe for all of those members of our society that are accountable for their own actions and decisions and do not place blame on others for their own poor decisions.

Ric Ortega, Clearwater

Change contracts only at end of year

I am so fed up! I recently received a letter from my supplemental insurance (CarePlus Health Plans) stating that my primary care physician and affiliating doctors at the Diagnostic Clinic will no longer be covered by my health plan. All my other doctors and tests were done at this clinic for years.

I had to switch plans last year during open enrollment because United Healthcare would no longer cover the hospitals in Pinellas County. UHC finally negotiated with the hospitals, but it was after the fact, which was January 2013.

If patients have to wait until open enrollment to change insurance plans, why can't insurers renew their contracts during that time?

This shifting of doctors, hospitals and clinics in the middle of the year is a bunch of bull. I do not want to switch doctors.

Now, if we don't have medical insurance by the year 2014, we will be penalized.

Who wants to be bothered when the medical insurance companies are jerking patients around? I don't plan on switching doctors; therefore, I won't go to the doctor for four months until I can switch plans again during open enrollment. Also, I will forgo getting prescriptions refilled until that time.

Something needs to be done with these insurance companies renewing their contracts in the middle of the year. I have spoken to my doctors and testing facilities and they are just as upset as I am.

Celeste Perkins, Dunedin

These robocalls need to stop

If robocalls are illegal — with the exception of political calls, surveys and charitable solicitations — then why am I repeatedly receiving calls that begin: "The FBI reported an increase in crime in your area. A break-in occurs every 15 seconds. If you allow us to place a small sign in your yard, we will install a new security system at no cost to you."

I keep hanging up, but the calls continue. If this doesn't fit the description of a scam, it will certainly do until the real thing comes along.

Why hasn't this been investigated, so that these unscrupulous folks are stopped and prosecuted for breaking the law?

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater


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