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Letters: Parents bear blame for students' misbehavior

Teacher accused of hitting student | story, Sept. 23

Parents to blame for kids' antics

As the wife of a teacher, I believe teachers should have the right to discipline these kids. Parents today don't know what discipline is. Kids can say whatever and do whatever because there are no repercussions. My husband has to put up with students' disruptive behavior, and it ruins it for the students who really want to learn.

Some of the students are on antidepressants, Xanax, or whatever so the parents don't have to deal with the real problem. If parents can't control their kids, they should keep them home. Don't expect our teachers to handle a student who has no discipline.

Parents need to wake up! It's you that's the problem. Take control of your kids. This teacher, I am sure, was provoked by this spoiled brat and I feel that the teacher had the right to do what he had to do to control his class. The teacher did what the parents should have done years ago.

Janis Gregorio, Clearwater

Teacher accused of hitting student, story, Sept. 23, and Need to tell more of the full story | letter to the editor, Sept. 24

Coach has shown his dedication

I agree with the Sept. 24th letter by Jerry Dangler in reference to Coach Terry Morrow at Tarpon Springs High School. No details about the student were offered.

I know Coach Morrow. I know of his dedication to his wrestlers. He spent many a Saturday over the summer helping them raise money for camps and attending these camps to show support.

Our teachers have a difficult enough time doing their jobs without having to put up with disrespect and disruption. Coach Morrow has my full support.

Tracy Totten Sizemore, Dunedin

Scrap yard sells vases back to cemetery | story, Sept. 23

Punish scrap yard for selling vases

I think I speak for all of your readers when I say, "What?" after reading about Charles Scalisi of Eternal Rest Memories Park and Funeral Home in Dunedin having to buy back the vases that were stolen from graves in the cemetery and sold to a scrap yard.

That scrap yard, OneSteel, should be ashamed and should be prosecuted for knowingly selling stolen merchandise. That stolen property, those 110 bronze vases, should have been returned to the cemetery without charge. How could they be allowed to sell those vases to anyone?

I think we all deserve an in-depth follow-up story on this one. And Mr. Scalisi deserves his money back.

Chip Haynes, Clearwater

Event was full of inspiring stories

On Saturday, Sept. 27, several hundred people volunteered for Project Homeless Connect at Clearwater's Harborview Center. There was no mention of this function afterward in the St. Petersburg Times.

A veteran received a new pair of shoes — the first in six years. Others were excited to get a new pair of underwear or socks. I could go on and on, there were so many different stories.

The highlight of the day was a meal prepared by Calvary Baptist Church.

As one of the volunteers, I would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

A homeless lady named Sue said she never thought she would be in that position. My reply was, "I am okay for today, but tomorrow I could be where you are. We should all take time to help each other!"

Marilyn Harrity, Clearwater

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