Friday, December 15, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Parking hike hurts Clearwater Beach

Parking an hour at beach for $3? | story, Feb. 19

Fleeing from raised beach fees

The idea of raising parking fees at Clearwater Beach will surely promote seeking alternatives and lowering its standing as a desirable location to visit.

A price point of $3 per hour and extending meter hours until 11 p.m. are certain to reduce the number of people visiting Clearwater Beach. And to hold off on raising the rates until after the spring break season is an indicator that the city of Clearwater is aware of this.

The city should get creative and explore alternatives instead of looking at the beach as another piggy bank deposit for visiting this beautiful part of the city.

Ken Gagliano, Clearwater

Craziness at Enterprise Road and U.S. 19

Between a county and a hard road

I was saddened to learn that the Office Depot located at the Enterprise Road and U.S. 19 intersection will eventually move because the construction has made it virtually impossible to get out of the parking lot, let alone for people who live on the west side of U.S. 19 to get across.

People ride on the street behind Office Depot and try to pull out on Countryside Boulevard. It is difficult and dangerous.

What on earth were the city planners/traffic engineers thinking? Why do you have to usurp the neighborhood to accommodate travelers from Pasco County? Think about it, whose taxes do they pay?

Mrs. Harriet P. Sherwood, Clearwater

Dunedin looking to woo development downtown story, Jan. 19, and Slow down and get the facts letter to the editor, Feb. 19

No hiding, just give us the facts

I am a new resident of Dunedin, so I am reluctant to make a decision on an issue before I get all the facts.

However, when I read John R. Stewart's letter on Feb. 19, I was surprised to read that Dunedin's City Commission expects the people of Dunedin to do just that. Apparently, the Dunedin commission members expect us to support a decision they have made without giving us the evidence to back it up.

Mr. Stewart is right. We need all the facts first. If the Dunedin City Commission doesn't have time to get the facts, it shouldn't be rushing to give developers a break. At the very least, they should take up Mr. Stewart's offer to go over the numbers for them.

Dennis McGreen, Dunedin

Election may bring big change | story, Feb. 19

Thanks, Dunedin commissioners

To all our commissioners we say thank you for the unselfish services to the city of Dunedin.

As Dunedin citizens, we refer to our Mayor David Eggers, who hopefully will continue to serve on the county level. Next, to Commissioner Ron Barnette for his objective contribution and support to our city manager, Rob DiSpirito.

And one cannot be more impressed by the years of service of commissioners Julie Scales and Julie Ward Bujalski.

Dr. David and Teresa C. O'Dea, Dunedin


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