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Letters: Pasco, Hernando bus routes should connect

Pasco-Hernando bus route needed

I recently moved to Hudson and am planning to make this my permanent home. Due to financial insecurities, I do not drive at present. I would like to take public transportation to work, shopping, etc.

I am, however, finding it difficult to travel from Pasco County to Hernando County. The Pasco bus north route ends on U.S. 19 and Little Road. The Hernando bus south route ends on U.S. 19 and Spring Hill Drive.

I have phoned both and was told I would need to find my own ride between stops, thereby defeating the purpose of using public transportation. If I had a ride, I wouldn't be using the bus.

My suggestion is for both routes to extend to County Line Road and serve residents of both counties.

Connie Bohm, Hudson

First baby of '09 faces tough road

Let me get this straight. A sweet baby boy is born to a 20-year-old woman who already has a child who is less than 1 year old.

New baby's father has been in jail since October for assault on a pregnant woman — our new mother, perhaps? The parents are unmarried. The new mother lives with her mother, who was partying with other family members, none of whom were in shape to take new mom to the hospital when her labor began. New mom's granny saved the day.

I think we have probably covered all of the available social service agencies with just one family: Social Security, Medicaid, WIC and the Pasco County Sheriff's Division of Corrections.

Cause for celebration?

Patricia Straka, Hudson

Bundles of joy will cost us all

The Times proudly announced the first babies born in 2009 in Tampa Bay, Pasco County and Hernando County. All were born in apparent good health, which is a good thing.

In addition to their health, the other things these babies have in common are: all were born to unwed mothers; two of the three mothers are age 20 or younger; and two of the three babies have a sibling, also born out of wedlock. The age and other children of the third mother was not reported.

It is always a joyful event when a baby is born healthy, but in these three cases I am especially joyful because the chances are very good that my tax dollars will contribute to the future well-being of these children through food stamps, subsidized housing, health care costs, etc.

Sharon Lam, Hudson

Green grass isn't a cure-all Jan. 4, article

Sympathy aside, rules are rules

Times staff writer Michael Kruse appeared to have given the readers all the facts. And, because he did, he got me so mad.

The victim appears to be this poor guy named Prudente, a retired nurse from Long Island living on his pension and Social Security. Poor Prudente went over his means to purchase a four-bedroom home. Why the heck did he ever consider a four-bedroom home?

The kindness given to him by people who came forward to help poor Prudente will never be forgotten. Beacon Woods is a beautiful area. It's like living at a country club with a swimming pool, golf course, programs catering to children and adult activities galore. Residents must abide by the rules and regulations.

Your article reveals that Judge Lowell Bray put him in jail for not obeying the court. The judge would say Prudente put himself in jail.

And that's the law.

Estelle Rodman, Bayonet Point

Kind strangers, thank you for help

Before using a cane and a walker, I never realized how many kind and caring people there are in our area.

Now, so many people show their concern by openings doors, etc.

God bless everyone.

Peggy Holway, Port Richey

Flat tire brings out chivalry

In this modern, chaotic world, I have found that chivalry is not dead.

After leaving the Disabled American Veterans club on a Saturday night, I found I had a flat tire due to a nail puncture. A very kind gentleman from the club graciously changed the tire and refused any monetary reward.

The next morning, while on my way to getting the tire repaired, the spare went flat on U.S. 19. I was then rescued by a Pasco County sheriff's deputy. He took me and my tire to get it repaired and drove me back to my car, where he put the tire on the vehicle.

Twice in 24 hours this damsel in distress was rescued. Thank you, gentlemen. You not only restored my car to running order, you restored my faith in mankind.

Elizabeth Rick, New Port Richey

Cemetery is tidier but needs repair

I'm back again — red ant bites, too. Yes, it's the cemetery at Fivay Road, Hudson Avenue and U.S. 19. Cutting the weeds and brush along the fence was an improvement.

But small American flags, torn and dirty, are lying against the fence on the ground. My heart cries out for the disrespect. Can we pick them up? How can we dispose of them?

Who can repair a metal marker that is bent and lying away from its original post? It belongs to someone, a reminder that he or she lived, too.

Who smashed the fence? Pushed the top of an expensive monument against the fence? There it lies, brush covering it. The name on it is Litten. Couldn't read it better — the army of red ants attacked.

Irene Rupp, Hudson

It's time to enact a spay/neuter law

If people would spay and neuter their pets, there would be less suffering for those pets that are unwanted.

We have a mandatory tag law in this county, so why not a mandatory spay and neuter law to put an end to the tragedy of unwanted, helpless animals? I am tired of hearing people say they can't check every house to see if all the pets are spayed or neutered. That is just an excuse to not be a part of the solution and to let the problem continue. No one goes house to house to see if pets have their shots.

If we had a mandatory spay and neuter law, most people would follow it or risk paying a fine if they were caught by an animal control officer. The only thing that will happen if our county has a mandatory spay and neuter law is that euthanasia will decrease. No jobs will be lost. There will still be people who won't spay and neuter pets so they won't be closing the doors on Animal Control or other shelters.

Pat Gardner, Hudson

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