Monday, December 18, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Postal worker thanks Hernando for food drive donations

Thanks follow food drive effort

Again, another letter carrier food drive has come and gone and the response of our county was amazing. This food drive was most successful and rewarding to the 25 locally participating agencies that benefited from your generosity. The residents of our community are commended, including some of our youngest.

Chocachatti Elementary School Town Center Post Office also has an annual food drive in coincidence with the U.S. Postal Service. These students and their school did a superb job, collecting more this year than in years past. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to servicing their community is admirable and comes with much gratitude from all of us that benefit. Many of our local business's are greatly appreciated too, especially Publix and Sir Speedy, both whose help is vital to our success.

With everyone's efforts this food drive has provided for many local pantries, senior programs, backpack programs, Head Start, and other agencies servicing those in need. So, to my community here in Hernando County, I applaud and give heartfelt thanks for making an invaluable difference in our community, I along with the U.S. Postal Service letter carriers are grateful.

Katherine A. Lambert, Spring Hill

County benefits business, builders

To many of us citizens, who happen to be taxpayers and voters, it is very upsetting what the County Commission in Hernando County continues to do. They continually give favors to the builders and business people. The County Commission refuses to reinstate the school impact fees and it set lower transportation fees. Yet the builders are now boasting about customers that want $300,000 homes built. If customers can afford a $300,000 home then they can afford the impact fees. If the builders say they can't sell and build homes with the impact fee, well then they should cut their salaries and profits so they don't take home so much money.

Why can't the elected officials understand that the builders and buyers have a responsibility to the community like those before them? The most important element that they are missing is that our children are our future. They need to be educated to high standards in schools and environments that promote education by providing the buildings, the teachers and the resources.

Reinstate the impact fees and do not bundle the school sales tax with the county sales tax. That is simply wrong for all of us. We need the impact fees for county infrastructure. Do the commissioners and builders not drive our streets and see what is happening in the county? Hernando County lives in the past and not in the future.

I would vote for the half cent sales tax for the schools but I would not vote for it if it is bundled for the benefit of the businessmen who think the half-cent sales tax will deflect the impact fee forever. If the builders can't afford to stay in business because of an impact fee, then it is an obvious business decision: Shut the doors and go to work for their cronies.

Pat Mundy, Spring Hill

Schools should oppose shared tax

The news that the Hernando Commission is going to provide a $3 million match to a $3 million state grant for a proposed plaza/nature center, which is unwanted by many of its Hernando Beach residents, is typical of how the business community is riding roughshod over its citizens. With the county administrator and commissioners in tow, the business community has had the audacity to convince the commission to continue vetoing a school impact fee.

Now the good old boy business leaders have the audacity to approach the School Board, with hat in hand, asking to piggyback the School Board's half-cent tax referendum in a so-called collaborative effort. Such self-serving hypocrisy, under the guise of helping the schools and the community, is just another example of the growing list of business decisions in the county engineered for financial gain. The School Board needs to say ''no'' to the joint tax scheme, or citizens should reject the shared tax in November, despite the long-term damage it will bring to the schools in Hernando County.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

Math mistake may be trouble

My wife and I moved to Florida in 1995. We live in a 55-and-older community in Hernando County. Neighbors warned us about vendors who take advantage of the elderly, which we are now, so we were very careful when using contractors. We always got at least three estimates when work had to be done and managed to get fair prices.

After 19 years, we decided to get estimates on a new roof. Three companies were about the same, but the fourth was very low. The estimator said he was very experienced in estimates and gave a written estimate of $3,587.

He came back the following week and said he made a mistake and the roof would now cost $5,800. Does he need a calculator to be off more than $2,000?

I guess this was one of the vendors my neighbors were talking about.

James Conides, Spring Hill

County fails on median upkeep

Don't you think you should clean your house before having company? The free concert at the Lake House sounded very exciting. But, as I listened to the ads on the radio promoting the event, I drove to work along Spring Hill Drive from U.S. 19. As I observed the median along Spring Hill Drive, I thought how disgraceful a sight with the weeds and grass about 2 feet tall and many dead tree limbs scattered about, along with a substantial amount of trash along the two miles to Deltona Boulevard.

This is not new, but a constant unpleasant situation. Mowing along this road is very seldom. It's uninviting to those attending the concert, visiting from other areas. This is only a sample of the roads in Spring Hill and I wonder why this is acceptable. Where is our county road department?

Fortunately, the Spring Hill Garden Club maintains the two islands nearest to the entrance and waterfall. Can't Hernando County do better?

Ruth Wharton, Spring Hill


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