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Letters: Proper gun fail-safe is a life saver

Wife critically wounded in own home | Sept. 30 article

Gun fail-safe can help save lives

My files are filled with similar tragedies. We hope Linda Lunn makes a speedy recovery. It may be Linda Lunn fell victim to the lack of a fail-safe feature in her husband's semiautomatic handgun that has taken the lives of hundreds of people in the last 30 years.

Semiautomatic handguns are fed by a clip of up to six or more bullets contained in the handle grip of the handgun. The clip can be removed but a round already chambered remains and will fire if the trigger is pulled. Some of the newer handguns, and some of the older ones, have a passive load indicator warning a round is still in the chamber able to be fired. The safest handguns will not fire the round in the chamber if the clip is removed because they have a positive, not passive, fail safe provision. My advice is don't buy a handgun that does not have this feature. Hundreds of people have pulled the trigger of a handgun thinking it was empty, as did Mr. Lunn, with tragic results.

Since Mr. Lunn had a concealed handgun license this raises the question of the training these people receive. With 520,000 permits issue in Florida, one in every 35 Floridians, I am shocked when people tell me this Legislature does not issue a permit to carry a loaded handgun around until the person is well vetted and trained! The reality is that you will be issued this permit without even knowing which end of the gun the bullet comes out of much less the danger inherent in handguns with no fail-safe provision. How do I know? I have that permit.

The number of permits issued since 2005 has increased by 50 percent, and if this trend continues the number could soon exceed 1-million. It is time this Legislature provided much better firearm training. Since these handguns represent a serious threat to our communities' safety everyone has a stake in insuring our homes and communities are safer and not less safe because of minimally trained permit holders.

Arthur C. Hayhoe, director, Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Inc.

Degree not best measuring stick | Sept. 25 letter

Politics won't help county's schools

I compared the two candidates for school superintendent. I found that Steve Donaldson served for 25 years in the U.S. military and 10 years of experience owning and operating his own business. He has recent classroom experience and is in his fifth year as an educator. In fairness to Heather Fiorentino, she did serve in the state Legislature for six years.

The writer denigrated Donaldson's graduate degree because it was gained in less than two years. Donaldson should be commended, not demeaned. Also, the letter included a cheap shot at Marge Whaley, who has served Pasco County for 32 years, the last 16 as an elected member of the School Board. She is able to compare the current administration to the very successful administration of Dr. John Long. After serving our community for so many years, four of them with Fiorentino, Mrs. Whaley has made an educated, informed choice in supporting the candidate she knows can run our schools.

This election demands that voters research, ask questions and become well informed before they go to the polls. Pasco County can not afford political leadership over responsible leadership. To imply that Fiorentino is in the same league as Walt Disney and Thomas Edison is ludicrous.

Mary Woofter, Masaryktown

Letter attracts sheriff's attention

Recently I wrote a letter to the editor about the Sheriff's Office concerning a couple of complaints that have happened in our neighborhood. Well, I surely didn't expect the response I got from Sheriff Bob White and the officers.

I must have shook some dust off the phones there, as I received several phone calls from officers of the various departments involved and after long conversations with each of them, I was assured that the men and women were doing everything possible under the law, and they would keep on serving each resident of Pasco County. Sheriff White sent me a very nice letter explaining how they work and what was being done to address my complaints.

I feel that every resident needs to call or write the Sheriff's Office when they have a problem or complaint. These men and women are very professional, and they have restored my confidence in their department.

Ray Stiver, Port Richey

Many pitched in on Founders Day

Greater New Port Richey Main Street would like to thank all of those who made the 12th annual Founders Day Fall Celebration a tremendous success! Two wonderful athletic events were added to our already packed schedule: the Founders Day Golf Tournament and the Chaotic CoteeMan Triathlon. There were many other activities that brought families from all over Pasco and beyond to our beautiful downtown Sims Park.

The live music, arts and crafts, car show, river boat tours, historic exhibits, kids' activities, the delightful Leashes and Lunch by the Lake and lots of food and family friendly fun helped to celebrate New Port Richey's fascinating history. Our partnership with the West Pasco Historical Society highlighted the role that railroads played in the town's history.

We owe a deep gratitude to our sponsors, to our volunteers and to everyone who attended the event for making it such a success!

It goes without saying that our volunteers are an integral part of the success of the weekend; many gave up sleep (the triathlon and the golf tournament were early) and, without complaining, sat for long hours selling food tickets or helped to place vendors at the most difficult and challenging time of set up and tear down. A heartfelt thank you. We are truly blessed to have your help!

Ted Thomas, promotions and marketing coordinator, Greater New Port Richey Main Street

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