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Letters: Proposed landfill is bad for Pasco residents

Planned landfill bad for the area

The Pasco landfill is about to be approved by the misnamed Florida Department of Environmental Protection. There is no protection afforded to the people of this area. Our water is threatened, and our air quality too, from the noxious fumes of the garbage and the exhaust of the more than 200 trucks a day over our two-lane roads.

Angelo's Aggregate is a for-profit company. They are not in this as a public service to the county. The initial proposal was that they would take some of Pasco's garbage at a reduced rate, while they made their big money on the garbage they imported from out of the county. The site does sit on a railroad line, after all.

Angelo's spokesperson talks about recycling and creating compost out of the imported garbage. But please understand; this would be household garbage. That's millions of dirty diapers, buckets of used kitty litter, and just about anything else you can imagine. What's to recycle or compost? Do you want to spread this on your garden?

Ninty-nine percent of the residents of the area oppose this landfill. Do we live in a democracy? If this garbage dump is approved, it shows me that we live, not in a democracy, but in a dictatorship controlled by big business and their money. So much for the common good.

Fern Williams, Zephyrhills

Tip for meal is not discretionary | Dec. 21 letter

Service charge can replace tip

The numbers letter writer Bob Hall provided state it all. A $43.46-plus-tax meal and he had a whopping $49 in his wallet to pay for this meal, with a gracious $2.50 set aside for the servers who made his dining experience pleasurable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hall is not the only visitor who extends such "generosity" to local people trying to scratch some sort of living. Dining establishments as well as other service-related businesses should adopt the European standard of simply adding a service charge to the bill.

Mr. Hall, have a nice trip back over the pond. Until then, might I recommend eating at home or indulging at one of the many fine Chinese buffets the area has to offer.

Walter Kozak, Spring Hill

Leave tip only if it is warranted

In reference to the Bob Hall letter regarding his tipping problem with a waiter demanding an 18 percent tip on a check, I would say to this English visitor, buck up and don't be a patsy.

Do not be intimidated by such behavior; pay whatever tip, if any, you feel is justified. As you probably know, the original rationale for a tip was "to insure promptness" and is discretionary.

If you feel, as I do, that the amount of a tip is and should be based on the level of service you received, then hold your ground, even if it means no tip at all.

When I encounter poor service, I decide whether to leave an amount I feel is warranted, or even if anything is deserved. I will cross out the tip amount on the check if I feel it is unjustified and explain to the waiter and the manager that no tip is forthcoming.

You are not required by law to offer a tip — it is a service consideration and discretionary. Over the years, service levels in American restaurants continue to have a poor track record, and wait staff expect tips for just showing up at your table. Be courteous, considerate, but also be firm when needed — it's your money.

Please continue to live and spend here. Our economy needs you!

Roger Colucci, Spring Hill

Now is not time to build high school

It seems that the Pasco County School Board has become imitators of the profligate spenders that we have come to witness and disdain in Washington.

The plans to build a new high school off State Road 52 at a time when the schoolage population has stagnated and when redistricting could relieve temporary overcrowding seems to me to be the height of fiscal irresponsibility.

I would also like to know how the board decided to spend $8-million for property that had been assessed for $1.5-million. It would appear that a thorough investigation would be appropriate.

Frank Nevins, Hudson

Shift funding to help teachers

I think it is a disgrace that our School Board would spend our money so freely, paying way above the asking price for a piece of property. And now in these hard times to even consider building a new high school is absurd.

I understand that the capital spending is separate from the general revenue, but I'm sure they can find some way to get some of that money into the general fund, and come up with more practical ways to use this money.

How about helping the teachers rather than building a school that they have no teachers to teach? I really think they need to stop and wait to see if the need really exists.

Peggy Overbaugh, Hudson

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