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Letters: Put Chihuly Collection at the Pier

Re: Chihuly Collection may be moved June 17

Art would be perfect at Pier

There can't be a better place for the Chihuly Collection to make its new home than the St. Petersburg Pier. I personally would like to see the Pier remain as it is.

It was a huge mistake to close the Pier when they did. It could still be open while deciding what should become of it. I have so many memories of watching the St. Pete skyline in the sunset from atop the Pier. There is nowhere else to get that splendid view.

How great it would be to see it reopened along with the Chihuly artwork. If it can't be maintained as it is, at least consider the Chihuly in the new plans — a perfect solution for its search for a new home.

Barbara Specht, St. Petersburg

Re: Greenlight buses tote opportunity editorial, June 27

A tax hike won't help most

While big business and developers will certainly benefit from Greenlight Pinellas, remember that our sales tax will rise to the highest in the state, at 8 percent. You tell me how poor and middle-class people who live paycheck to paycheck can afford more taxes for a multimillion-dollar project that won't benefit the majority of Pinellas County residents.

Trust me, when it comes to new, higher taxes, we the people (opponents of Greenlight) will speak loudly and clearly come referendum time. Also, residents will speak loudly and clearly on the marijuana debate.

So, the Times can print 10 to 12 articles a week telling us how it supports higher taxes, but printing letters like mine will show whether you let opponents get their opinions heard.

John Evans, St. Petersburg

Humanity at the diner

I met a friend for an early dinner at Trip's Diner, a longtime favorite of mine on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street N in St. Petersburg. Both of us are nurses and were meeting to discuss faith community nursing in our church. As we were eating, a man a few tables away from us started to choke. The crash of a water glass got our attention, and we rushed over, calling out for someone to call 911.

My friend started doing the Heimlich maneuver, but her arms barely reached around this very tall man's waist. Many people stepped in to help, and a man who had been sitting at an outdoor table came in and offered his "much longer arms." The choking man started to lose consciousness, and three or four of us lowered him to the ground while attempts at the Heimlich were ongoing. The Heimlich was ultimately successful, and the frightened diner was able to breathe.

The whole restaurant broke into applause, people high-fived, and "God bless you" was said many times. EMS arrived, and people went back to their tables. The manager thanked each person individually, and, a few minutes later, our server removed our bill from the table. Very quietly, Trip's bought dinner for everyone who helped.

In these days of negativity and complaints, I thought people should know about this wonderful moment of strangers working together to help someone in need, and the heartfelt response of Trip's management and staff. I have always loved their food and service. Now I admire their humanity.

Colleen Betts, St. Petersburg

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