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Letters: Refund red-light ticket, please

Motorists ticketed by red-light cameras are due a refund since yellow light times have now been changed, says a New Port Richey driver.

Will Vragovic | Times (2009)

Motorists ticketed by red-light cameras are due a refund since yellow light times have now been changed, says a New Port Richey driver.

Driver wants red-light fine refund

A while back I was unfortunate enough to be awarded a red-light camera ticket in New Port Richey traveling from Main Street and turning onto U.S. 19.

It was impossible to stop in time without locking my brakes because the yellow light lasted less than three seconds. Since then, I skid to a stop at the first sign of a yellow light because who knows how long it is timed. This has resulted in numerous, near rear-end hits, but it's the law.

Since that time the powers that be must have realized the yellow light needed to be extended and lengthened it. Had it been like it is now, I would not have received a violation for running the red light.

So, now I wonder, will I automatically get a refund since they corrected the light or do I need to call someone? If so, whom? Since they fixed the error in the timing I should receive a refund.

David Vitori, New Port Richey

Music teacher deserves support

It is high time for the Pasco School Board to step up publicly and support music teacher Cynthia Ruth Haring. Ms. Haring is owed a huge apology and should be publicly exonerated to stop the defamation that has occurred.

If Ms. Haring's physical health is in jeopardy because of this incident it will be a burden the School Board members will carry the rest of their lives. Why is there such a complete lack of leadership within the administration? Does the school district want to alienate every single teacher in the district?

It's quite clear that principal Kara Merlin cannot differentiate important priorities from what is a mole hill on an incident. Teachers today have almost no rights at all, as children can destroy the classroom, disrupt the learning of others, attack the teacher and the only recourse the teacher has is to put their hands up to protect their physical safety. Teachers aren't allowed to touch a child and it's high time this pattern is reversed unless the liberals want all teachers to quit.

Why does the disruptive child have more rights than all the other obedient students that are there to learn? Why is the teacher not shown respect, consideration, or appreciation?

The principal is supposed to safeguard not only the student, but every teacher on campus. Ms. Merlin's job is not to undermine the teacher.

Jim Fike, Spring Hill

A shameful decade of decline

Over the last 10 years, the Regency Park and Jasmine Lakes subdivisions have been destroyed.

They are a big eyesore for our winter visiting friends and a nice visual memory for them to take home with them.

Pasco County Code Enforcement should be ashamed of these conditions.

Robert Barnett, Port Richey

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