Monday, February 19, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Retired educators must pay attention to Tallahassee

Group's mission is a vital one

Approximately one year ago, Hernando Educators Employees Retired was founded in affiliation with the Hernando Classroom Teachers' Association and the Florida Education Association — Retired to provide assistance and ongoing information for the retired school employees of our county. As the inaugural president of the organization, I have learned a great deal about the formation of this group.

As the debate continues in Washington regarding Social Security and raising the age to receive Medicare, proposed state legislation changing the Florida retirement system is a grave concern for all who are members of this retirement system. What happens in Tallahassee during the legislative session should be a concern for all members of the educational family. The mere fact that the House of Representatives rejected the expansion of Medicaid should prove worrisome for retirees.

It is our intent to assist active members preparing for retirement, to build camaraderie among retired education employees, and to form and support programs which will advance the best interest of retired members. Any employee of the Hernando County School District, from former superintendents and school board members, to secretaries, bus drivers and custodians, are welcome to become a member.

Walter T. Cermak, Spring Hill

PHCC police academy

Nothing wrong with training

It was once said that if you're in law enforcement for any length of time, you will be under investigation for something at some point or else you're not doing your job. It is the norm that if you are under investigation you're given the opportunity to resign or be fired. Which would you take: the chance of not being able to work in your chosen field again or find a new job?

There is nothing wrong with the training these future law enforcement/corrections officers are receiving at the academy at Pasco Hernando Community College. The training program is the same as the previous classes. They are considered students, not customers. How could Sheriff Chris Nocco think that these students, who pay their own way, are different from other students taking classes at PHCC?

Nowhere is it mentioned that James Nagy or the other instructor had been deficient in their duties as teachers. Sheriff Nocco doesn't want these two training, so either PHCC gets rid of them or the sheriff will take his business elsewhere.

Wesley Hawkins, Spring Hill

'Les Miserables' is excellent

I would like to say thank you to Stage West for the best evening of musical theater at the bargain price of $20. The performance of Les Miserables was amazing. I have seen the show in London, New York, Tampa and have to say this performance was as wonderful as the ones I paid hundreds of dollars to see.

I hope the people of Spring Hill run to see this wonderful cast for a community theater. The staging and singing is amazing. It was a shame so few people went to the performance I attended Nov. 9.

Lesley Davey, Spring Hill

Someone took veteran's cane

My husband is a disabled veteran. He was on his scooter at Goodwill and he had his cane that his Army buddy had sent to him.

Some lowdown person stole the cane right off the back of his scooter. We didn't see who took it, but God did. And the person will pay for it many times.

Mary Asbel, Brooksville


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