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Letters: Revamping stoplights would save gas

Revamping stoplights would help save gas

I wonder if the people or agencies in charge of stoplights ever thought about ways to save gas. Can you imagine how much gas is burned (wasted) waiting for red lights to change?

For instance, there are hundreds of little streets where there could be a flashing yellow light instead of a red light.

When there is a green arrow involved in the traffic light rotation and there are 100 cars going straight and a few turning left, why not set the light so the 100 cars go first and the green arrow people go last?

There are so many lights that could be changed. On the Belcher Road extension in Palm Harbor at Nebraska Avenue, if you are heading east or west on Nebraska, you are doomed. Most of the time all the traffic is going east and west. Very little goes north/south. So after it is gone, we sit on Nebraska and wait, wasting gas.

Why not just have a flashing yellow light at Belcher and Klosterman Road? There's not much traffic there either.

On U.S. 19 in Palm Harbor at Innisbrook, there is now a left turn arrow. Since the arrow was put in, there are always a bunch of cars waiting to turn. There never used to be.

Up on East Lake Road north of Trinity, a new stop light was installed to get cars in and out of some subdivision. It is seldom used. It should be a flashing yellow light.

C'mon, whoever you are, let's use some common sense.

Jeffrey G. Mikres, Palm Harbor

Re: Last I knew, Florida was still in America | letter, May 21

It's time to return to using English only

Three cheers for letter writer Ted Reinhard of Clearwater. You hit it on the nose.

Wake up, U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. The United States was founded on the language of English, only. To become a U.S. citizen you must learn English. Stop this merry-go-round of Spanish words next to English words everywhere you go and on your correspondence and bills. This is not happening in Florida only. It is happening all over the country.

English has become a universal language. Other countries are speaking English to communicate with other countries and with the United States. Wake up, America. Communicate in English.

Bernice Lipman, Largo

Pet cemetery deserves to be maintained

Many years ago we buried our beloved 17-year-old Pekingese, Toodles, at the Green Mounds Pet Cemetery in Largo, and now we read that the current owner, Fletcher's Harley-Davidson, is moving and wants to donate the property to the city.

If this transaction goes through, we pet lovers wonder what will happen to the remains of our loved ones and the markers we purchased. Hopefully, the city would keep the cemetery as is.

We always attended the yearly Christmas parties given by former owners Dale and Susie Potts. Being with other grieving owners and sharing stories of our loved ones was great.

Pets are special. They don't care about the color of your skin, whether you are rich or poor, fat or lean. They give us much love and comfort.

John Costello, Dunedin

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