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Letters: School district dooming media centers

Decision dooms media centers

According to school superintendent Kurt Browning media centers no longer need media specialists. Apparently, the media center in every school can be run by a media-tech assistant.

I'm a 13-year-old student at Seven Springs Middle School, and I say he is wrong. If the media center is to be run by one media-tech specialist, what will happen if a teacher has a technology problem in their class? Can the specialist leave a media center full of students? Can they just refuse to help a teacher? What choice has he left them? You might as well just shut the media center down.

Mr. Browning said to "do it for the children." I'm one of the students, and I can tell you that this decision is not for the children. Mr. Browning has doomed media centers across the district.

Gavin Shauan, New Port Richey

Commissioners fail residents

I am disappointed in the Pasco County commissioners and their refusal to even hold a hearing on the gun-show loophole, let alone moving ahead to pursue writing an ordinance to close that loophole. At issue is background checks for purchasing firearms, a reasonable regulation and precaution aimed at making the public safer from gun violence by those whose possession of such weapons poses a serious threat to the public safety.

As of 1998, the Florida Constitution provides that each county shall have the authority to require a criminal history records check and a waiting period in connection with the sale of any firearm. The excuse for not holding a hearing for public input was a current lawsuit involving Pinellas County, but this does not affect the constitutional provision or the ability of Pasco County to require background checks.

Perhaps our commissioners want to sit by and wait for federal legislation. Or maybe they either agree with, or are too timid to confront, the NRA's absurd and phony argument that such background checks are a step toward overthrowing the Second Amendment and taking away everyone's guns. In either case, their inaction is a disservice to the people of Pasco County and an abdication of their duty to take this reasonable and logical step to address gun violence.

Nola Branche, Hudson

Let Constitution, residents speak

The one thing that Pasco commissioners can claim is that they care about themselves. To cancel a public hearing on the closing of gun-show loopholes simply because another county is being sued proves that the commissioners do not care about the concerns of the people of Pasco.

An open hearing should have been held. The public should have been allowed to speak. The county attorney should have expressed her concerns to the public. The Florida Constitution should have been able to speak for itself. That would have been the right thing to do.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

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