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Letters: Simply mine trash for recyclables

Simply mine trash for recyclables

There are a few things (almost) universally agreed upon that we need a government for — common defense, building roads and taking care of our waste. But in today's age of advanced product packaging, not recycling household trash is unconscionable.

How can supplying newly built petroleum-product containers to assist (read: insist) each homeowner separate his trash for multiple pickups be cost effective? The cost for each container is about $100, bringing start-up costs to about $10 million — basically the equivalent cost of the new landfill site.

Simply collect the trash as has been done for decades, and once collected, mine it for recyclables. This is a better/smarter job and it's called a dirty MRF (materials recycling facility). The last place I lived, about the population of Hernando, this process was used.

All household trash, not construction stuff, is dumped onto a concrete pad along with mechanical separators, conveyers, etc. Trained workers assist by separating all recyclable materials. Mistakes in separating glass and plastic (and its subtle types) are made far less than if the homeowners did it. These new workers are, of course, paid. Saving the $10 million on start-up costs — as well as the recurring cost of secondary recyclable-only runs by haulers — will go a long way to pay their salaries.

But the best part of the dirty MRF process is that for the homeowner, it's truly automated. I agree the county's current recycling strategy needs changing, but a dirty MRF is the best direction, and should be seriously considered by the county.

If enacted, no referendum is needed. That should save time, money and aggravation. The haulers simply stop making additional runs for recyclables. The argument about frequency, bins, trucks, bids, pilot programs all goes away. You put out the garbage, it gets picked up, and you rest well at night knowing that they're doing the right thing. You'd live in a county that performs 100 percent recycling — that is, 100 percent of the trash collected is reviewed professionally for recyclable materials.

Jim Mastro, Brooksville

Lawmaker's visit deserved notice

This past Memorial Day weekend — actually, on Saturday — U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek was at the American Legion in downtown Brooksville. More than 100 people attended, yet the Times gave very little press to the incident.

The candidate for U.S. senator took pictures, hugging many. Yet, neither newspaper in Hernando County bothered to publish a professionally written journalistic article, one that highlighted the situation, and the importance of the situation — one that would sell hundreds of papers.

I know at least 100 additional newspapers probably would have been sold just to see their pictures hugging a U.S. representative.

Richard L. Howell, Brooksville

96 and a fixture at the bar | May 29 article

Drinking, driving at 96 bad example

I own a local bar in the area and while I have no issue with articles on local business and other bars, this article about Frenchy doesn't seem newsworthy, especially for the front page of the Hernando Times. It seemed more like a free advertisement.

A news article should be something that is newsworthy and offers insight into what is happening in the community. As stated in the article, Frenchy, age 96, has six beers in three hours and rides a Honda on Mondays. That would make him driving intoxicated.

Any way you look at it, bike or car, he is a DUI waiting to happen, and I don't think he is a role model for anyone in this society. I always discourage my patrons from drinking too much and many times I have driven people home or paid for a taxi if they were too intoxicated.

Rob Starz, Spring Hill

School officials' absence shameful | June 2 letter

Administrators support students

I am a junior at Hernando and I thought the awards went great. Although I can't speak on behalf of the school board members, I can speak on behalf of my administration. I would have loved for Principal Ken Pritz to be at the awards, but I also understand that he is a father first. I think it's sufficient that assistant principals Brent Gaustad, Mary Krabel and Jill Renihan were all in attendance.

Not only that, our administration is always extremely supportive of the students. They attend almost every sporting event, banquet, induction and play. You name it and they're there. It's not because they have to, it's because they want to.

Before you go smashing Mr. Pritz, you need to realize what a good job our administration is doing and how hard they work.

Hailey Royal, Brooksville

Decrying lack of help for homeless

I am writing in total frustration on behalf of all the homeless in our area, and, in particular, on behalf of my 62-year-old widowed, homeless and penniless sister. At the end of the day, I was unable to find help available.

My response to this lack of help is to close all the charity offices, get rid of all the high-priced, care-about-no-one people there and turn over the millions of dollars saved to some volunteers for distribution to the needy.

My sister is ashamed to be in such a fix after raising her family, the death of her husband and working all her life. I'm very sad and wonder when a charity ceases to be a charity.

It seems there is no help or jobs unless it is government-related. Maybe the next election we'll get some help. We pray!

Donald F. Sebastian, Spring Hill

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