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Letters: Single-sex classes helped improved boy's behavior, grades

Re: Single-sex classes in danger | May 25, story

Single-sex classes helped our son

Reporter Tony Marrero's article on the possible loss of same-gender classes was nicely written, informative, yet disturbing for the possible loss of such classes in our public school system and the negative effects it could have on our community.

I wish to applaud the merit of such classes, as our family personally experienced at Westside Elementary school last school year, 2008.

Our son was a student in the fifth grade, from 2007 to 2008, under the auspices mostly of a male teacher, Mr. Urban, and at times, his wife, Mrs. Urban. Almost overnight, we saw a radical change, in a positive way, in our son's behavior, in his attitude and appreciation for school. And his grades reflected that as well by his gaining the honor roll regularly, and even once achieving the principal's list.

More importantly, having a male teacher also helped his own sense of identity, and the camaraderie of an all-boys class was also unifying to him as a member of a team. It was also less distracting for him with girls present as he approached puberty and adolescence.

I attended all-gender elementary parochial schools in California, which became all-male in my four years of high school and four more years of college as well. I applaud the many benefits that a same-gender class or school can provide for students, both male and female separately, and strongly support that concept for continued use by the Hernando County district school system.

I also believe that same-gender schools contribute to a well-rounded person with a balanced view of their role in society and in their own community, with a mutual respect for both genders together.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

Re: Brooksville underwear ruling

Underwear rules cause nightmare

I first heard of the proposed ruling of Brooksville city workers mandated to wear underwear at work on MSNBC. Then I heard it again on Fox News. While listening to the oldies radio station most of Friday they repeated the story every hour. My brain was inundated with the story.

When I finally fell asleep that night I had a horrible dream. I was a city worker and late for work. I jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as possible. Upon arriving at my office I realized I forgot to slip on my tighty whities! Some whistle blower noticed and called the police. Before I knew it two burly cops charged in and threw me face down on the floor. I started screaming, "Don't thong me, bro!"

I woke up in a cold sweat.

Gene Huber, Spring Hill

Re: Handicap parking

Many are abusing handicap parking

Someone in the Hernando Times should write an article on "handicap parking." This has gotten out of hand. I see people capable of parking their car and walking in a store without canes or crutches.

I believe the sheriff's office should give the DAV the power again to ticket cars without a plate or blue tab on windshield.

Personally, I think the doctors are handing out letters for patients to get a handicap sticker.

My theory, if you can walk to a store or mall and shop without the use of canes or crutches, then don't park in a handicap zone.

Armand Battista, Spring Hill

RE: Brother held in slaying June 12, article

Brother's fear led to fatal shooting

I lived next door to the Gorski family for five years. Chris was not only bigger, but trained in martial arts and no match for anyone in that family. He was out of control many times and was hooked on methamphetamine. He once near beat his father to death. The slap was so hard it knocked his mother to the ground.

As for the remarks about hitting him with a baseball bat. He would have taken it from Dave and killed him with it. The pure fact that David fired four times to the chest meant that Chris was coming at him and he was in fear for his life.

John Fuqua, Linden, Va.

Re: Let the county take over city | June 21, letter

Brooksville offers a lot to residents

I am really saddened to hear that W.D. Carpenter feels that way about the city of Brooksville. I live in Brooksville and am glad to call it home.

I am assuming that all the different things the city has to offer like the Farmer's Market, Market on Main Street, Antique Car Show and the Bandshell Bash are all just a waste. I think that the city does a great job of supporting the local merchants to try and boost tourism by having all of these events.

Maybe this writer should attend some city council meetings and see some of what goes on behind the scenes, or he/she could gladly go live somewhere else.

Jennifer Smoot, Brooksville

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