Sunday, February 25, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Sinkholes ruin tax base, people's dreams

When a dream sinks

Boohoo, Hernando County is losing out on tax revenues from sinkhole homes.

What about the people who bought their life's dream just to find out their homes were on unstable ground? These people should be suing counties for allowing building without underpinning to prevent sinkhole damage. What a novel idea — preventative measures.

How can people pay for repairs when the cost is so high and insurance coverage is minimal (and expensive), at best? Florida leaves much to be desired.

B.J. Johnson, Spring Hill

Beneficiaries should make repairs

Homeowners who collect money from an insurance company for a sinkhole but do not repair it should be charged with fraud. The rest of the policy holders in Florida pay the price with higher premiums.

Recently I became aware of a homeowner receiving a payment from Citizens Insurance for a sinkhole. No repair was done, but now they have new air conditioning, kitchen roof and pavers around the home and driveway. So, if they sell the home, and there is a sinkhole problem that owner will get a payout for the sinkhole. Or, was it fraud to begin with and there was no sinkhole?

If counties want an accurate tax base, then inspect to be sure the repair work is done. Those administering Citizens need to stop this practice. Or, is it easier to bow to the sinkhole lawyers than to do what is right for all Florida insurance customers?

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Find better way to deal with cats

I commend Lisa Centonze on being a caring and compassionate vet. However, she needs to address the problem of feral cats and how to deal with them with her head and not her heart.

If the Hernando County Animal Services were to stop loaning traps to the public to catch nuisance feral cats, how would we deal with that stray cat using our child's sand box as a toilet? Not to mention the nightly forays into our yard to spray our favorite chair, engage in yowling cat fights in the dead of night, and have that litter of kittens in our tool shed. There is also the threat of spreading illness and disease to our own pets and children through bites or scratches.

Trapping and euthanasia inhumane? How humane is animal cruelty, being run over, shot, attacked by dogs, poisoned, or becoming ill with rabies or disease? How humane is turning loose a neutered or spayed cat in a neighborhood of unaltered cats?

Loan those traps to the public, but charge a refundable deposit to insure getting the trap back, or better yet have the county pick up the trapped animal and it will have the trap.

Dr. Centonze should keep on caring, but find a more logical way to deal with the ever growing population of feral cats.

Margaret Hall, Brooksville

Lending traps just a Band-Aid fix

Hernando County has been lending out traps for 23 years. So why stop now? Because it is not working.

I can personally show you many cat colonies in the old section of Brooksville. These are feed-and-breed situations encouraged by well-meaning, though ignorant, homeowners. People like myself do the best we can trapping, vetting, adopting out, but are barely making a dent.

We need some intelligent support from the community, and euthanizing the occasional cat trapped by an irritated resident is not helping the situation at all.

Peggy Bates, Brooksville

Orchestra brings music to many

I commend the Hernando Youth Orchestra for six years of introducing music to children who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Part of the orchestra's program is to help provide instruments for those who can't afford them.

The orchestra recently held its annual concert to a full house at Saxon House. John St. John is the founder and conductor. He is ably assisted by Rosemary Geon.

Jerry Cowling, Brooksville


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