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Letters: SPCA deserves our support and our thanks

SPCA reveals kill rates story, Sept. 30

SPCA and 'clients' deserve thanks, help

I adopted a dog from the SPCA in May that was found roaming the streets, unneutered, without a microchip. Clearly, she recently had puppies, somewhere. When her owner could not be found, she was brought there.

She was kept at the facility for more than two months because she had lost all her hair from a skin infection. Her adoption also required that two medical waivers be signed, as the SPCA, understandably, can no longer afford to continue to treat its animals indefinitely. I hesitated briefly because of the waivers, but she seemed like such a nice dog I couldn't consider leaving her.

I have lived in Pinellas County for 35 years. This is my second adopted dog from the Starkey Road facility. I have never been so naive as to allow myself to believe that they were able to keep all of the healthy adoptable animals that are left on their doorstep. Do the math and look at the size of their facility.

Now that they have posted a sign that clearly states that your animal may be euthanized when you drop it off, I suppose some people may not be able to walk away with as clean a conscience as before. Sadly, I doubt that the sign will reduce the numbers.

Pet ownership is a long-term commitment and there are valid reasons for not being able to keep our pets. Irresponsibility is not one of them.

The dog I adopted has turned out to be the best dog I have owned. She is housebroken and well-trained. The vet has told me that the two waivers I signed were perhaps precautionary and very likely will never be a concern. She seems to know I took a chance on her. She is happy and healthy and rarely leaves my side. She is neutered now and has a microchip. Hopefully, she will never be lost again.

I am grateful to the SPCA and their dedicated workers for all their efforts. They took in 900 animals in August alone! It seems to me that it has always been their goal to find a forever home for those that are most adoptable. It is a huge task considering the numbers, a task surely deserving my support and not my criticism.

Joy Kauffman, Largo

Elsewhere, illegal visitors get jailed

Funny thing about the Pinellas County deputies learning Spanish. I was reading the other day that if you cross the border by accident while hiking in Iran, you go to prison. If you do it in North Korea, you get 12 years of hard labor.

If you do it in the United States, you get free medical care, school for your kids and Social Security benefits, and our officials have to learn the language because there are so many of you.

I was wondering if I went south, would I get the same benefits? If so, I'm going south. Oops, I forgot, I don't speak Spanish. I had better learn the language before I go there.

Jeffrey G. Mikres, Palm Harbor

High praise for boat race, festival

Congratulations to Frank Chivas, presenting sponsor and Brian Aungst, event chairman of the recent Super Boat Offshore National Championship and Festival.

Clearwater Beach was packed with spectators and over 2,000 boats anchored offshore. It was truly exciting to watch the races as well as the people enjoying the event, the beach and our delightful weather.

Clearwater, again, has proved to be one of the most beautiful places to live. I feel very fortunate to live in this great city.

Chris Daily, Clearwater

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