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Letters: Stop gouging motorists on gas prices

Gasoline prices in Hernando County and the rest of Florida are above the national average.

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Gasoline prices in Hernando County and the rest of Florida are above the national average.

Gas prices here higher than N.J.

Why are gas prices in Florida at least 16 cents above the national average, and in the case of Hernando County, about 20 cents over the national average?

Prices in New Jersey are $3.09 per gallon. Our prices a couple of weeks ago were $3.05. Why are they gouging us?

Robert J. Kowal, Brooksville

$35 for library card isn't right

The public library helps many who ride our local bus system get THE Bus passes they need free of charge. The library also provides all the information people need to use the bus system.

The library helps low-income people, who do not have computers, to have access to the Internet and they also have information for getting people signed up to become part of the political process. Yet, there are some in this county who want us to pay $35 for a library card. That's not right.

David Philipsen, Weeki Wachee

In pursuit of existentialism Dec. 1 guest column

Guest columnist really hit the spot

Jerry Cowling's guest column reminded me of the fun I had when reading Jan Glidewell's articles. Their combination of truth and humor would make you think and laugh.

The way Mr. Cowling wove his uncertainty of the definition of existentialism into the story was delightful. I look forward to more stories.

Reese Hodges, Weeki Wachee

If it walks, quacks like a duck …

Two recent writers decried the use of labels such as "Communist" and "Socialist" in describing an individual's political leanings. I agree that such labels are overly simplistic. But, in our modern bumper-sticker approach to politics, labels can serve a purpose.

So, on the assumption that it isn't labeling but the specific labels used that concern the writers, I ask what labels would they prefer?

How would you describe a person who believes that our Constitution (as written) has to go; who believes in wealth redistribution; who believes that property should not be owned but rather its use determined by the state; who believes that the state (not the free market) should determine winners and losers in the corporate world; who believes in government bureaucracies as the prime controllers of much of our day to day lives?

Does such a political philosophy have an acceptable label to the writers?

Ray Kelly, Spring Hill

Greenhouse has new owner, policy

I received a gift certificate that I planned to use to get a plant for my entranceway as soon as my house was painted. I checked with the greenhouse in October and found out the business had been sold, but they said they would honor the gift certificate.

On Nov. 28, I went to get my plant and they would not honor my gift certificate even though it does not expire until May 2014. Customers should know the new owners are operating under the former name, a name that had been known and trusted for many years.

Ruth Henneman, Weeki Wachee

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