Sunday, November 19, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Tax collector, drivers help children's hearing fund


Community helps hearing project

May was Better Hearing and Speech Month, an annual event that gives organizations like Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation of Florida an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and to promote treatment to improve the quality of life for people who have problems speaking, understanding or hearing.

Sertoma Foundation's staff and board wants to thank our county's Tax Collector's Office for partnering with us and emphasizing the foundation's Children's Hearing Help Fund. Mike Fasano's office mailed information to nearly 25,000 people explaining how drivers can participate. The fund encourages drivers renewing licenses or motor vehicle registrations to check the box for children's hearing help and to add a dollar or more to their fee. That amount is donated to Sertoma Foundation through the Department of Motor Vehicles. All proceeds benefit the Children's Hearing Help Fund supported by the Sertoma Foundation.

We were very grateful to Mike Fasano and his office for helping us spread the word about the Children's Hearing Help Fund. In May, 3,613 people contributed $9,937.86 in Pasco County. The total collected in other counties in the state was $2,765.46.

The best treatment for hearing loss of any degree is appropriate early intervention. Because of this need to raise funds and awareness, we sincerely thank Tax Collector Mike Fasano and his staff and we also send our sincerest thanks to all the renewing drivers for their consideration and contributions.

Craig McCart ,

Executive director

Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation of Florida

Don't leave animals in cars

It's hot outside. Please do your pets a favor and leave them at home. If you don't think it gets hot in your car quickly, go out there and sit in your vehicle just like your pet would. Believe me, you will get the message fast.

Leaving animals in a hot car is no different then abusing them. They deserve better. Love them, don't harm them.

Judy Parisi,

Port Richey


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