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Letters: Teach children about people behind the Confederate flag

Confederate flag

Teach kids about flag's proponents

It's foolish to think that writing letters will cause a class of people to change their thinking. Knowing they refuse to care that their actions insult a group of fellow human beings shows they are selfish, rude people to begin with. Have a German-American or Japanese-American fly the Nazi or Japanese battle flag next door to them, they may have a better appreciation for their actions, but I doubt it. They'd just get all up in arms and not care that they are doing the same thing.

Don't give me the "their country/our country" thing. Insulting people is insulting people, regardless of national boundary lines. The answer is for those who actually care about others to teach our children that the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism and hatred but rather a symbol of a bunch of losers who we should feel sorry for because they are ignorant enough to proudly tell you they are lower-class people with little concern for others.

We should also hope that their children grow up better people. If you want to honor your heritage, do so inside your home where it does not insult others.

Kirk Williams, Hudson

Writer ignores media's neglect June 12, letter

Letter critical of wrong writer

I agree with the letter writer that columnist Jan Glidewell is not right 100 percent of the time, but I will give him 80 percent.

Most people today do not listen too much to the media, only to hear exit polls and which storm is coming. Everything else in the news reports is opinion. And I don't believe their opinions!

So, Glidewell is defending the "likes'' of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? I can't stand Obama, but I will defend him when people call him a Muslim or a terrorist. I am not like some people who are so happy to hear something bad about a person that they dislike, then gleefully and maliciously spread the gossip without checking the facts. The letter writer talks about bloggers, so I assume he has a computer. Use it to find the truth the news media doesn't give you. Try Snopes, or Wikipedia, or the Library of Congress. But get the facts straight.

George W. Bush's military papers were doctored. Pull them up online and see how much is blacked out, like it was some kind of military secret! Check out all the Bush brothers; Jeb isn't the only one you know. They keep everything as secret as they can.

Mr. Glidewell can't report on or fix the troubles of the world. But he does more than most; he takes them on one at a time. He's just a local guy giving an opinion to which he's titled. It's called free speech. He can't fix all the things the letter mentioned.

Keep writing, Mr. Glidewell. I don't think you're a self-righteous hypocrite. I think the letter writer is.

Joann Bowman, Spring Hill

Set an example; use your seat belt

Parents, grandparents, and future parents, do you think about how you affect the generations behind you? Do you subconsciously mimic the actions of anyone you admire? If so, please take a moment and think how your actions affect, or will affect, every current and future young person.

From 2002 to 2006 there were 1,955 people 16 to 20 years old killed in automobile accidents in the state. Using statistics from Florida, that would mean 1,184 were not wearing a seat belt. How many young people would be with us today if every driver refused to start or move their automobile until everyone had his or her seat belts fastened?

Use this link to see for yourself the statistics by state. I can only hope that the information will change the driving habits of all.

Mine changed when my 23-year-old son was 1 week old. A friend's son was ejected and died because he was not wearing a seat belt. Because my wife and I refused from that day forward to go anywhere until everyone was buckled up, my children followed and made that the rule when they started driving. My son and his friend are alive today after being run off the road and hitting an immovable object. The wreck was so bad that Florida Highway Patrol had the wreckage put in the impound lot for a fatality investigation.

Please, look at the information on the Web site and buckle up.

Richard Ross, Brooksville

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