Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters to tbt*: Readers react to the mortgage dodger

Re: Home Free (tbt* cover story, April 14)

We post our cover on Facebook daily. Here's what readers were saying Monday about the Palm Harbor man who didn't pay his mortgage for 12 years.

Erin A. Witts: A lot more people do it than you think.

Robin Melody Boone: Over $36,000 owed in child support? Did you think those kids stopped eating or needing medical care or shelter? This guy is not just a deadbeat loser, but a snake as well. He deserves whatever happens to him. And if he has enough money in the bank to buy the house, he should pay back whomever it was that was actually taking care of those kids in Texas.

Melanie Bortz: He wasn't lazy. He was planning. Lol. That takes some work to live money free for twelve years.

Giselle Schilling: I can't believe anyone would defend this con artist.

Art Pollock: Shameless squatter! Sir have you no pride

Rebecca Feaster Lawrence: We'll see how far his "planning" takes him when the bank snatches that house out from under him. It's only a matter of time before plan b comes into play. Which should be interesting because he'll have no house, no credit and no more room for games. ... Was it legal? Unfortunately. Was it right? Absolutely not. Whatever happened to people having integrity and doing the right thing? A man's word is his bond. 12 years of skirting around your mortgage payments and 18 bankruptcies basically says you can't trust the guy as far as you can throw him. Shame on him.

ClauditanRuben Matamoros: People don't understand that when people stop paying their dues they affect everyone. You affect from the landscaper to the receptionist, I mean, do you understand how many businesses are involved in the process? You affect your community! It's a horrible mentality, to work the system. No integrity, no values, is whatever it takes in order to take advantage of all mentality. This is a prime example why this generation is so corrupt, greed is all about greed!!!

Fox is guarding democracy

Re: Seeing through that foxy news (World briefs, tbt*, April 14)

Your juvenile attempt to slur Fox News by using the term Foxy in headline in a story about Moscow citizens protesting the credibility of the State's TV news got it backwards. In this country it is the mainstream media who is in league with the Obama administration and lets them give out there propaganda with almost no journalistic challenges. It's Fox News that is trying to hold the government responsible for their words and actions. Eric Greenbaum, Tampa

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