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Letters to the editor: Hunting with a bow is inhumane

Re: Hunting at Cypress Creek Preserve

Hunting with a bow is inhumane

Though many people find hunting objectionable for a variety of reasons, one method of hunting especially disturbs this writer. Though alluded to in a Dec. 18 article, the nature of bow hunting presents its own problems.

As ineffective as hunting is in general, bow hunting is especially so. One does not need a degree in physics to understand that a broadhead arrow does not possess the range, accuracy or kinetic energy of a .30-caliber rifle bullet. If wounded, the animal can suffer terribly before succumbing. In addition, the targeted animal may jump the string, meaning it will react to the sound of the bowstring being released. Another wounded animal is the likely result.

To consider this relic of our Neanderthal past as a reasonable use of the preserve is a major cause for concern. The preserve should be a place for taking photos, not lives.

Durk Gescheidle, New Port Richey

Ad executive running for School Board | Dec. 17 article

Hands off Pasco's IB program

The story announced the candidacy of a Land O'Lakes ad executive for Pasco School Board. The candidate, Donald Stephenson, stated that he had some concerns about the curriculum and would like to focus on a more traditional one.

The candidate mentioned specifically social studies and also suggested that the International Baccalaureate program was "anti-American."

I am not sure where Mr. Stephenson gets his information but anti-American? The IB program in Pasco schools is outstanding. This program allows students to work at a higher level than the regular curriculum and provides graduating students with college credits.

I hope this candidate is not going to make our schools and their fine programs targets for extreme conservative issues such as evolution and censoring some library and textbooks.

Pasco has been able to avoid politicizing our schools and the bad publicity that goes with it.

I hope the candidates that file for School Board do so in the interest of all our children and not use our kids to further their political agenda.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

County's voters prefer Ron Paul

Pasco Republican State Committeeman Bill Bunting, inadvertently, I'm sure, presented the conduct and results of the Pasco straw poll in misleading terms. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, won the poll with 61 percent of the vote, with 171 of 279 total tickets sold. Bunting would have you believe that result doesn't reflect the desires of the vast majority of Pasco voters who attended the poll. He is mistaken.

Of the 279 total votes cast, 79 of those votes came from non-Pasco County voters. Non-Pasco County voters received an orange ticket and could not vote for local candidates; there were 79 orange tickets sold. The Pasco County voters, 200 in number, received white tickets. If all of the non-Pasco County voters voted for Paul, which seems highly unlikely, that means Paul received at least 92 Pasco County votes, which is 50 percent more votes than the second place candidate received. That is a landslide win any way you look at it, and a testimony to the attractiveness of Paul's message to voters, making him a leading presidential candidate among Pasco voters.

In the days leading up to the poll, the Pasco GOP promoted and encouraged as many participants as possible to come whether Pasco residents or not. It was a fundraiser for the Pasco GOP, after all, and why they created the two different-colored tickets. It is unseemly then to proclaim that those who came from outside the county acted unethically, as Bunting is quoted as having said in a news report.

Bunting's preferred candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, received only 14 votes from Pasco and non-Pasco County voters. I realize that Bunting is very unhappy about this, but to mislead readers about both the conduct and results of the straw poll would be nothing more than dishonesty, and I'm sure Mr. Bunting's wants to be honest in his statements.

Grady L. Peeler, Jr., Trinity

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