Saturday, December 16, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Let's put the brakes on paving over Pasco County

Put the brakes on all this paving

The moneyed interests and their political lackeys are crying foul that their latest efforts to pave over Pasco County have hit some new bumps in the so-called road to progress. They want to add more empty and abandoned houses and businesses to the thousands we can see everywhere, and heaven forbid, the federal government stands in their way.

State environmental protectors have prostituted themselves to the moneyed interests and politicians, so they will not help us. Scratch Pasco County's motto "It's only natural" and add the economic addicts' motto of "Give me more concrete!"

For those who are neither moneyed nor politicians but who hate big government, let's not forget that these are the people who keep kids out of mines and other hard labor, who got women out of sweatshops, and who protect families from those who would poison the land, water and air if greedy people aren't stopped from doing so. So when the Corps of Engineers extends the time for letters regarding the Ridge Road Extension and the Marine Fisheries says that ripping out the bottom of Filman Bayou will destroy one of the world's most pristine places, they are attacked by real estate developers, business people, and some county commissioners as wrong, bad, and worse, party poopers.

The cut, pave and build cult wants to see the Serenova Preserve cut in half like Solomon's baby, leaving wildlife little pieces in which to try to live. Meanwhile SunWest yearns to build a gated empire for those wealthy enough to afford mansions as well as yachts with a channel sliced through the most acres of wetland of any Florida building project except a port in Manatee. We taxpayers get a little beach so we can stare up at the wealthy and hope we can someday be 1 percenters, too.

It's time to stand up and write a letter to the Corps of Engineers. Write about those who are willing to destroy Florida in order to get a temporary fix of jobs. Challenge why, against all reason, they continue to push construction as the way out of our economic woes. Ask why they insist on turning Pasco into another Pinellas, choked with concrete.

It's time to stop the insanity of doing more of the same stupid paving over nature and expecting a different outcome this time.

Daniel Callaghan, New Port Richey

Alternatives to antidepressants

Taking control of own's life definitely includes independence from antidepressants. When it comes to resolving mental health problems, we are bombarded with advertisements professing antidepressants as the answer.

Are drugs the only and best option in the long run? What about cost or side effects? What about the individual's dependency and lack of confidence the person naturally has knowing they need a pill?

When the individual needs an antidepressant, the individual needs it. However, if there is an alternative, why not try it first?

When an individual is independent of drugs they have control of life, in relation to their reaction to depression, and this brings strength, courage, confidence, and ability to cope in the real world.

Elaine Scime, Wesley Chapel

Protect nameless roadside victims

I have been living for the last five years in the central corridor of Pasco County, off the east-west running State Road 54.

Every December and January I look to see if a eulogy or death notice has been published in the paper for a family in our area. This family has at least one or two or more die each year in a tragic accident. They are seen crossing SR 54 just east of the Suncoast Parkway to U.S. 41, and even west of Interstate 75. They are killed in a hit-and-run. No police or ambulance is seen, maybe not even alerted. Their bodies are seen by passing motorists and just left for the elements to devour them. They are a nice family, gentle and passive. Seldom do they speak, and mind their own business.

Of whom I am talking about? Deer. By my count at least six to eight deer have been killed. I am quite sure it has to do with the construction that is going on in this area. They are seen trying to jump the wire fence, looking out to see where to go next. The next morning one is dead.

I have to wonder what these builders, construction folk and our county officials are thinking when they allow all of this to happen. The positive: Increase business, revenue and manage population growth. All great things, but can we think of the wildlife it is effecting? They are a silent minority that was here before any of us showed up.

Can we relocate them? Permit easy access to cross the roads? Enforce speed limits? Stop all construction? Relocate all the communities out of the area?

I do not pretend to know the answers, but something must be done. In the meantime, the deer family will lose its land and lives.

Walter J. Garcia, Land O'Lakes

Donations help Humane Society

On behalf of every homeless pet who has passed through our gates and the many more to come I would like to publicly express our deep appreciation for the many donations received by the Humane Society of the Nature Coast.

We now have 11 additional acres that will serve as the future expansion site for the Humane Society. This has been made possible by the many generous donations from a community that values the love and companionship our pets. Whether it was a $5 donation or a $1,000 donation, every penny made this purchase possible along with the matching grant from the Alice Everard Charitable Foundation. Together we created a Christmas miracle for homeless animals.

Now the real work begins — maintaining the current budget to care for the animals of the present and raising the funds for the new building. That is our job. Our commitment to all those who have made this purchase possible is to do that job and keep up the momentum of a better future for the pets of our community.

Joanne Schoch, Spring Hill, executive director, Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Brooksville, and Humane Society reTAIL and Adoption Center, Port Richey


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