Sunday, May 27, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor: Stabins proud to be a radical Republican

Stabins proud to be radical

Commissioner John Allocco says I'm a radical Republican because I, as a county commissioner, stood up for the tens of thousands of Hernando County homeowners against the powerful good old boy big business elite which continues to desire to suck every last cent out of this county by amending the comprehensive future land use plan to lay more blacktop and construct more subsidized apartment buildings.

In the late 19th century, radical Republicans ran the county, state and dominated the Congress for a while until the defeated Confederates formed the Ku Klux Klan and used terror to regain control. I am proud to be called a radical Republican in defense of reasonable growth today.

The late Len Tria called me a maverick Republican for working with Democrats like Chris Kingsley and Diane Rowden to try to slow the uncontrolled suburban sprawl along our Nature Coast. Republican President Teddy Roosevelt was a maverick in his time, fighting for working men and women and to preserve great national treasures like the Florida Everglades. Senate Republican leader Everett Dirksen worked with Lyndon B. Johnson on civil rights and for the common good a half century ago. I am proud to be called a maverick Republican for standing up against Brooksville's old guard on many occasions.

History tends to come at us in waves, and some day this leaderless wave of mindless Republican sell-outs on today's County Commission will be swept back out into the sea of political ignominy.

Jeff Stabins, Spring Hill

Who can sell at Blueberry Fest?

I would like to see a list of Hernando blueberry growers who were allowed to sell their produce in Brooksville during the "community" festival.

Andy Bendheim, Masaryktown


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