Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor: Still a supporter of Quail Hollow

Manager out after clubhouse gunfire | May 19 story

Still a supporter of Quail Hollow

Misquotes happen all the time, but how we react and address them is what is of importance here. I was quoted as agreeing with questions that were posed to me and was then said to have used those words as my own. I did not.

On Sunday, May 14, there was an event occurring at Quail Hollow Golf & Country Club that turned violent. I was asked about this event and the previous events and their effect on me. Events had occurred throughout our history here living at Quail Hollow. We attended several of the dinner and music events, as well as participated in their golf course tournaments and after parties. The recent "pool parties" occurred from mid-afternoon to mid-evening (from approximately 2:30 to 8:30 p.m.) for the last couple months and until the 14th of May were more nuisance, with regard to the very loud bass music and increased traffic. Fortunately for us, we could go inside our home, and the sound of the music abated.

The questions were asked about the expectation of violence and, honestly, I never thought about violence occurring. My main concern was noise and traffic accidents. I also assumed the establishment would have provided adequate security, not for just the attendees' safety, but for their own protection of property and to control the parking and traffic. That night, we did lock up and put the alarm on when we heard the helicopter buzzing around. Again, we assumed the police were looking for someone.

We had been members at Quail Hollow Golf and Country Club for 20 years until memberships were no longer accepted. We still continue to support and play at the golf course.

Anna Spenceley, Wesley Chapel

Road to nowhere wastes time, cash

Regarding the Ridge Road Extension, Pasco County's expensive mistake since 1998 that still remains a bad idea in 2017, even after you've thrown $15 million away, and as you throw an additional $404,000 at turncoat Army Corps of Engineers personnel to make this road to nowhere finally happen ...

I appreciate that county commissioners have a difficult job doing what is best for the county, and especially for its people over moneyed interests in that ghost town called Connerton, which has promised to erect county governmental buildings at their expense in exchange for new roads to bring that place to life.

If I were a commissioner, and I had just read the long article in the Tampa Bay Times regarding hurricane evacuation along our coast, here are some of the questions I'd be seeking answers to before giving up on the Ridge Road Extension and instead devoting its tens of millions of dollars to drainage projects to correct all the natural wetlands and creeks already disturbed and destroyed, leading to widespread flooding in many communities:

How many highway lanes are truly necessary to evacuate west Pasco citizens who choose not to evacuate even when they are advised to do so? According to Hillsborough County emergency management director Preston Cook and other emergency officials, "Don't evacuate if you don't have to. That just adds more cars to already overburdened roads." Our own Pasco County assistant director of emergency management Laura Black: "Sometimes it could be better that people do shelter in place. If they're not in an evacuation zone, it might be safer for them to stay there and not clog up the roads."

Instead of cutting a roadway through one of the county's most pristine natural places, ask yourself: What more can we do to make State Roads 52 and 54 and Moon Lake Road evacuation routes? Doesn't it make more sense to use tens of millions of dollars to make homes and emergency housing more likely to withstand the winds and rain? Can the school buses and other buses we already have be used to evacuate people, with cars diverted into parking areas? And how long must we expend time and money pushing this project, which still has many hurdles to overcome, before we concede that to do so is a 20-year mental illness in need of treatment?

Daniel Callaghan, New Port Richey

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