Monday, June 25, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor

Thank a Public Service worker

Across the United States and in cities like Brooksville and Spring Hill, government employees serve and protect us every day. Throughout the year, but especially during Public Service Recognition Week, May 1 to 7, we should gratefully acknowledge their service.

This is personal to me because my father was a New York City fireman. He was a first responder to the Normandie blaze in New York Harbor on Feb. 22, 1942. He and several of his colleagues developed breathing problems from toxic fumes from the fire. He died in 1954 at the age of 41. His dedication inspired me to join the Air Force, serve in Vietnam and continue as a civilian federal employee.

I want to publicly thank the thousands of active and retired federal, state, county and municipal employees in Florida for their unheralded but vital work.

Federal employees work side by side with our military at home and abroad to defend our country. They protect our borders and regulate the safety of our food and medicines. When natural disasters strike, they are there to help us recover.

During Public Service Recognition Week, please join me in thanking and recognizing the important work of the public employees in our community. When you meet a firefighter, police officer or other public servant, please say thanks. If you are a current or retired federal employee, thank you for your service. Contact me if you'd like to join NARFE, the National Active and Retired Federal Employees, at [email protected] or (352) 754-6160.

Dennis Foley, National Active and Retired Federal Employees

YMCA salutes its volunteers

The Hernando County Family YMCA is encouraging community members to use National Volunteer Week (April 23 to 29) as a way to take a moment and thank the volunteers in their lives.

Without volunteers, the Y wouldn't be the same. They're the heart and soul of our organization, and without their hard work, dedication and selflessness we couldn't do the work we do every day to help kids, families and communities thrive. By bringing people together from all walks of life around a shared purpose to do good, the Y is creating a stronger, more cohesive community.

As one of the leading nonprofits and volunteer organizations in the country, nearly 600,000 people volunteer at the Y each year, and here in Hernando County more than 100 give back through activities such as mentoring teens, coaching youth sports, serving on our boards and spearheading fundraising drives. These opportunities also help volunteers enhance their personal well-being and develop meaningful relationships — all while making an impact in communities they care about.

National Volunteer Week is a great time to get involved. Here are ways individuals can take an active role at the Y and in the community:

1. Join our Togetherhood Volunteer Group giving back to our neighbors in the community.

2. Help with Y fundraising efforts to ensure those in need can have access to essential programs and services.

3. Get involved with a Y mentoring or tutoring program to help youth learn new skills, build confidence and achieve their goals.

4. Coach a sports team, teach a class or ask Y staff about other ways to get involved with a program of interest.

5. Invite friends and neighbors to join you in contributing to a stronger community.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Hernando Y, contact Tina Kraatz at (352) 688-9622.

Amber Slusser, branch executive director, YMCA of the Suncoast--Hernando County


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