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Letters: Treat cats humanely

Shooting cats as vermin is wrong

A letter writer ended a letter claiming "And I love cats!" Well, I can't imagine what the words would be if the writer hated cats.

To say cats that can't be caught should be "shot and killed as vermin," is ridiculous. If we shot and killed every predatory creature, there wouldn't be any animals left on earth! I do hope you aren't affiliated with any animal control group.

Perhaps you would rather advocate shooting and killing as vermin the indiscriminate pet owners who allow their animals to roam free and procreate. The problem is locating those owners and forcing them to maintain the responsibility they assumed when first accepting their cat into their home. Assessing fines is an almost impossible task because I'm certain there isn't one stray feline out there wearing a license or carrying owner information.

We own two rescue cats, a male and a female. The male was already neutered when he came wandering up to our home, hungry, thirsty, and homeless. No notch in his ear, so no catch, neuter and release here. Probably he was abandoned by someone who either somehow lost him, couldn't afford his care, or had to leave their home quickly. I find the idea that had he not found us, he would have been shot and killed appalling.

The humane solution to cats running loose is definitely catch, neuter/spay, release. Killing all cats as vermin (I even shudder as I type those words) is barbaric. Even if I didn't love cats, I'd feel the same way.

D. Zimmerman, Spring Hill

Mass cat killing is not the answer

Hindsight tells me those of us trying to humanely help some cats, whose only fault was having a irresponsible owner, should have continued our quest in silence. Those voicing their opinions to search and destroy the feral cats like the mass hunt for the Burmese python act like these cats came out of Pet Sematary destroying all wildlife and ripping out screens to get to our pets.

I have seen birds ripped from my feeder by hawks not feral cats. I live in a suburban neighborhood off Spring Hill Drive, go out before dawn on any given day and you'll find packs of three or more coyotes roaming the streets.

Be thankful for the feral cats providing them with a meal instead of your Chihuahua.

For the most part, a well-fed altered cat doesn't fight and becomes lazy not interested in seek and destroy. Mass euthanasia is not the answer.

Linda Benlien, Spring Hill

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