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Letters: Unmarked patrols would curb poor driving habits

Use unmarked cars as motivator

It is hard to believe that Florida drivers have such terrible driving habits. The No. 1 offense in my estimation is the constant changing of lanes by motorists without signaling to the drivers behind them.

Without communication among the drivers of our roads, accidents will occur whether the speed limit is 35 mph or 75 mph. I am sure most readers have witnessed vehicles changing two or three lanes to make the next exit because the driver did not plan in advance.

My solution to this problem is to have a lot more unmarked police cars patrolling our roads. Have you ever noticed that when a marked police car is on the road everyone seems to obey the law? There is an old saying that a person's character is how one acts when he thinks no one is looking.

I believe the additional unmarked police cars on Florida's roads would change people's driving habits or else they would feel it in their pockets.

Robert Bates, New Port Richey

Americans need U.S. help, too

On Nov. 18, the United States announced another $10 million in aid to the Philippines, bringing the total U.S. humanitarian aid to more than $37 million, plus access to our military planes and health care professionals.

I recently read about 63,000 people living without food, water, shelter, electricity or security. It would be a lot easier to help these people because they live in the woods in the Sunshine State. There are almost 1,300 military veterans living outdoors in just Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Who is helping these Americans? I always thought you took care of home first.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Holidays are all about family

Family is more important than shopping and I applaud the stores like Publix, chains and businesses that will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The stores that are open should stop being so greedy! Evidently, they don't care about their personnel and their families.

We should all patronize the stores that respect these holidays and traditions. Thanksgiving is a holiday to get together with family and friends, to give thanks to God for all our blessings and to have fun and quality time together.

Assunta Giordano, Spring Hill

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