Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Upholding Constitution should be top task

Lack of respect for the law, people

A few years ago, some 35 members of We the People heard Pasco County Commission members brag about how wonderful they were by passing the first-in-the-nation mobility fee. When We the People decried their use of U.N. Agenda 21 for local enforcement, the whole commission said they had never, until that day, had heard of Agenda 21.

On Aug. 6, many members of We the People gathered in the West Pasco Government Center and heard one Pasco planning commission member say that she had no idea what the people spoke of when they invoked the U.S. Constitution or referenced "illegal alien" children coming into the county.

From whence does such ignorance on the part of our elected and appointed board members come? Are they truly not aware of what's happening in their midst?

When other planning commission members implied that their job of approving or declining a continuance for a project had no connection to their oath or to the Constitution, their lack of respect for the law and citizens, and the disdain for their fiduciary duty to uphold the law, was well understood.

Hamilton Hanson, Weeki Wachee

Put kids on bus from the get-go

Kudos to the Pasco School Board and staff for their efforts to ensure the safety of our students. Transporting kids on school buses is not as easy as it may seem. However, with this new coordinated effort, it will hopefully run more smoothly the first couple of weeks of school.

Now it is time for the parents to do their part. Parents, please do your school and your children a favor. If they normally ride the bus to school, put them on the bus the very first morning. It will create much less traffic at school and allow the professionals in charge to transport them to and from school both safely and in a timely manner.

Good luck to all in starting the new school year.

Chip Wichmanowski, Port Richey

Small-property owners lose out

How would you feel if your own Board of County Commissioners chose the side of a major property owner (12,400 acres) over a small number of lesser property owners?

Last month, the Pasco commission chose to slam small-property owners with a $486,000 paving assessment of Bowman Road east of U.S. 41 in north-central Pasco.

Pinellas County has over a mile of road frontage on this road but will wind up paying little to nothing.

This larger owner will also be the biggest benefactor of the road being paved, leaving small-property owners the burden of paying for Pinellas' commercial enterprises: logging, hay sales, cattle, pine straw, etc.

Pasco commissioners protected the self-serving interest of Pinellas County's Cross Bar/Al Bar ranches.

They should take it off the backs of Pasco County voters and constituents.

Ronald L. Nickerson, Brooksville


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