Thursday, January 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Vote candidate, not blind ideology

Put ideology aside when voting

Already the partisan politics have started over Blaise Ingoglia's announcement that he will seek a seat in the state House of Representatives. This country has become paralyzed in Washington and Tallahassee resulting in an inability to solve problems and eroding our leadership roles in the country and the world.

I suggest that before you commit to one candidate for any office, a citizen should take time to put aside the ideology of any political party and look at the facts, the truths, the candidate's stated positions, and the candidate's history. That is what this country was founded on, not the blind adherence to an ideology.

A letter writer asked why can't we find an honest, intelligent, independent thinker from any political party in Hernando County? The answer is simple. It now requires a huge sum of money to run for any office. In the 2010, House Speaker Will Weatherford raised $930,604 in campaign contributions in an unopposed election. How does an honest, intelligent, independent thinker compete with such sums?

Ron Springer, Spring Hill

Democrats need to be progressive

The local Democratic Party needs to find Democrats with progressive ideas to run for the state House of Representatives and for county commission.

As a young Democrat, I want more progressive candidates and more progressive people to join the party. It's not right to have the same blue dog Democrats go for office over and over again. We need to change that.

David Philipsen, Weeki Wachee

Re: Feral cats

Fix, release cats to solve problem

We believe you should fix the cats and let them go. At least they have a chance to live.

We have two. They are always clean and they cause no problems.

We have lived here in Spring Hill since 1989. Thank God, finally, we are trying to fix the animal problems. It's about time.

Bradford and Marie Lord, Spring Hill


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