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Letters: Watering lawn just wastes water

Re: Homeowners caught in turf war over lawn care March 23 story

Watering lawns

just wastes water

It is time for the madness and the waste to stop. Roughly 50 percent of the potable water used each year in Florida goes to nonagricultural irrigation, or in other words, right onto lawns. This is a criminal waste of a precious and rapidly depleting natural resource.

Green lawns, with their thirsty turf and nonnative ornamental plants, create wasted water, more fertilizer pollution and an unsustainable future for Florida. We water grass with drinking water, and then we cut it all summer long using fossil fuels. It's time to get off the merry-go-round and get back to common sense.

Local governments and state agencies need to get some backbone and require and demand, not merely educate about and suggest, that new developments use no water-intensive turf like St. Augustine grass, and only use drought-tolerant landscaping.

Homeowner associations that value green grass over our region's water supply should be ashamed of themselves. We need to redefine what a beautiful yard is, one with native plants that would create an acceptable Florida yard.

Florida's population, our dwindling water supplies and our pressing need for sustainability all demand changes and new perspectives. The perfect green lawn was never truly Florida, merely an import from other places. The perfect green lawn is a water waste and pollution nightmare and it cannot be a part of Florida's future.

Water is for people and wildlife, not for grass.

Col. Joseph A. Murphy

U.S. Army (retired)


Re: SunCruz should be an investigative priority

March 26 editorial

SunCruz casino bashing is unfair

I feel it is unfair of you to bash Port Richey/SunCruz Casinos.

If so many people are concerned about sea grass damage, then why not build a land-based, attractive casino here? Think of all the new jobs, a local economic boost and saving the environment all at once. It's time to ask why Florida can have the lottery and the Seminole Indian tribe can have casino gambling, but a Floridian cannot. Who is really the problem now?

I have done some work for SunCruz years ago and can attest that everyone there, from the owners to the captains and the deckhands, are some of the nicest, hard-working and most caring individuals you'll ever meet in Florida. I know they would never purposely hurt the environment, as many who work there love to fish and enjoy our coasts.

Once again, you evidently spent more time on a blame game than finding a peaceful resolution to a simple problem.

Joe Seaman, Port Richey

Re: Who's on bus to be studied | March 26 story

Survey another waste of money

This is just another way for Hernando County to spend tax dollars.

Hernando County will spend $20,000 to conduct a survey to ask people who ride THE Bus why they do so. Well, you can give me $10,000 and I'll tell you what the outcome will be without doing a survey ("I don't have a license. I can't walk to my doctor appointments. I don't own a car. Taking a taxi is too expensive.'') I could go on.

Save peoples' dollars and cut some of the salaries in county government.

And why don't you get a company that knows how to run a transit system to manage it? Apparently the people at Trans-Hernando do not know how. There is no reason THE Bus takes two hours to make one compete loop.

Mary Northrop, Spring Hill

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