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Letters: Why both empty homes and homeless people?

Empty homes but homeless people?

I truly believe in these times that there are a lot of people a paycheck or two from being homeless. Especially here in Hernando County. No industry, no building, businesses laying good, hard workers off just to survive, a couple of the biggest employers (hospitals) letting people go and foreclosures on every block.

It is ridiculous to have abandoned, empty homes surrounding us, and decent, hard-working, down-on-their-luck people sleeping in the woods. I had the pleasure over the holidays to meet some of these people. Their stories would make you cry and very afraid, afraid that the same could happen to you, or a loved one. Some had medical conditions and could not afford their medication. Thank heavens for the free clinic in Brooksville, at least they can see a doctor at no charge.

They are all individuals with individual stories, they appreciate help but what they really want is a job. Drive past daily labor around 5 a.m., you may be surprised at the long line. These are talented, skilled people that just want what we all want, "The American Dream." We as human beings owe others that are down and out help. Not just during the holidays but as often as possible.

I don't understand with all of the empty buildings everywhere, that Hernando County cannot help house these people. I know it probably involves a lot of liability but there has to be a way.

Teri Salzer, Brooksville

Disposal of drugs should be easier

One often hears complaints about the quality of local government and I suspect a recent announcement. The powers running our local solid waste and recycling division have graciously permitted us to drive some 20 to 30 miles up to the U.S. 98 dump site to dispose of our unwanted prescription drugs.

I have no idea what sort of volume we are talking about but it would seem to me that, if it is desirable to keep these items from being flushed down the toilet and, therefore, out of our water table, it would make more sense to put a barrel at each of the dump stations. They already have such disposal bins for tires, fluorescent bulbs, oil, etc. Why not for unwanted drugs? These chemicals are dangerous and already appearing in our ground water.

The cost to the waste division would be minuscule compared to the collective costs to the taxpayer for all the trips to the main dump, if that is what the taxpayer will do with the drugs. I suspect that they will go into the toilet or be otherwise improperly disposed of in the regular trash.

Wouldn't it be nice if the folks who are making these decisions actually gave some thought about the options available, the costs of those options, and the consequences of their decisions.

Paul E. Ouellette, Spring Hill

Education group a boon to county

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with several Hernando County business and community leaders and applaud their efforts toward renewing the community's support for the Hernando County Education Foundation.

As a part-time Hernando County resident, I appreciate the important role our public schools play in the life of our community and I understand that tax dollars alone are not sufficient to provide our teachers with the level of support they need to give our children a truly world class education. And, as a Pinellas County businessman and immediate past chairman of the Pinellas Education Foundation, I have seen first-hand the remarkable impact a dynamic education foundation can have on literally every member of a community.

Since its inception in 1986, the Pinellas Education Foundation has raised more than $95-million to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the students and teachers of Pinellas County schools. Scholarships, teacher mini grants, as well as many other recognition programs honoring and recognizing our outstanding educators and students. Education Foundations can make great things happen for our teachers and children!

We can begin to tell similar success stories here in Hernando County if this community will join hands with our superintendent, our School Board, and the Hernando County Education Foundation.

Bob McIntyre, Largo

Tip based on level of service Dec. 22 letter

Only poor service warrants no tip

Regarding the ridiculous letter on retracting tips for less than stellar service, I say more power to him. However, I have worked in the area as a server and have been a patron as well for over 25 years. I have never once had to take back a tip! Ever.

Was the waiter drunk? Was he on break and smoking or chatting on a cell phone? Or was he not at the letter writer's beck and call when his half-full glass of water needed a new lemon?

We make approximately $3.69 per hour and live on the tips he takes away. I can only imagine the conversation that he had with the poor waiter and manager on why he was taking away this poor kid's tip (service charge). If the charge is included fine, if not, don't tip if you had poor service. I just wish this editorial page had photos to go along with the letters so we could all look out for you. Do you squeak when you walk?

Dee Morva, Hudson

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