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Letters: Why is parking time so limited at Clearwater Beach marina?

Marina parking is inhospitable

After taking my wife out for an anniversary dinner at the Island Way Grill, we thought it would be nice to head to the beach for a short walk on the Beach Walk (paid for with our tax dollars), walk the docks at the Marina (also funded with our tax dollars) to look into fishing charters (our local fishermen) and check out the new construction being done at the marina.

Sounded like a great time. However, parking at the Marina is limited to a 30-minute time frame. Yep, 50 cents will buy you a maximum of 30 minutes! Thought the meters were trying to tell me it was 50 cents per half hour. Put in four quarters and bingo, 30 minutes max. This is just fantastic! Not only have they raised the parking on the beach lots to $3 per hour (maximum of five hours), but they have limited our visits to the Marina to 30 minutes.

Check out and get a bunch of permit explanations that say you can buy a residential permit (blah, blah, blah) that you can only use basically in the north beach — nowhere even close to the Marina, Beach Walk and Pier 60.

I don't understand why our "leaders" want to restrict Clearwater Beach from the residents that pay to support the area. How does anyone expect us to support the businesses that depend on us? Tourists come and go, but we are the force that keeps things going during the off season.

I would like any of our "leaders" to respond. I doubt that will happen.

Bill Crumley, Clearwater

A new retail power block, story | Aug. 22

With big retail comes congestion

One wonders what the people who make these zoning decisions are thinking. The intersection of Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road was a problem before the Walmart Neighborhood Market opened and now the problem has gotten worse — not only at that intersection but also at the intersection of Belcher and Druid Road.

What do these people think is going to happen when you add a 240-unit apartment complex, a Wawa, a Starbucks, a Bob Evans and a Kauffman Tire? Good luck with that!

John Johnston, Clearwater

Tower construction may begin in Oct. | story, Aug. 22

Tower cost makes very little sense

So the county wants to rebuild the Wall Springs Park observation tower. Well, the original tower cost more than $300,000 to build not so very many years ago, according to the park's website. Now it is to be rebuilt for $870,000 — more than twice as much as the original cost. It had better be impressive.

Think what kind of home a resident could build here for nearly $900,000! If it is indeed a replica of the original, as the story said, county residents are getting an open, multistory structure made basically of timbers and pressure-treated wood. Were bids put out for this job? Companies that design and build docks, piers, seawalls and the like would come in a much lower cost, I would think.

Nearly a million dollars of taxpayer money — for a wooden tower — it doesn't make much sense to me.

Dave Hart, Clearwater

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