Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Will Florida legislators be out to outgun Georgia?

Re: Trigger Happy (tbt* cover story, March 31)

With the passage of Georgia's new "guns everywhere" law, it seems Florida has fallen behind with less guns and gun rights than Georgia. Not to worry, the NRA and their Republican legislative supports are working right now in Tallahassee to catch up with Georgia. The NRA is working hard to catch up. This legislative session, we will see a desperately needed expansion of Stand Your Ground law allowing the firing of a warning shot or exhibiting a gun and new gun rights for kids allowing gun play with toy guns at school activities.

More gun rights bills to protect gun owners from unwarranted increases in home insurance for keeping guns in the home and more restriction on how police deal with gun owners to prevent their gun rights from being violated.

This year, like all years, the NRA and Republicans can dig into their bottomless pit and come up more protection for the man with the gun. The rest of us can just hope we don't get caught in the crossfire.

Arthur C. Hayhoe, Executive Director

FloridaCoalition to Stop Gun Violence, Inc.


I am very confused about your front page cover this morning.

The cover had someone holding a gun with the headline 'Trigger Happy.'

I read further and discovered that this has to do with a bill (unsigned by the governor of Georgia) that was passed in Georgia. The last time I checked your paper is distributed in Florida. We have not been annexed by any people from Georgia, have we? Georgians aren't on the Florida border about to invade with all of their guns, are they?

Is the state legislature in Tallahassee about to pass a similar bill in Florida? Has any such bill been introduced in the Legislature? No?

It seems those who wrote this headline do not realize that they are in Florida, not Georgia. It is understandable to only those in the state of confusion would get state legislation from one state and attempt to make it newsworthy in another.

Does this mean that since Georgia has a state income tax that you should report that as well?

Samuel Catalino, Wesley Chapel

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