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Letters: Wrong time for tax increases

A nickle-per-gallon gasoline tax increase is one of the ways Pasco County is proposing to pay for road maintenance.

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A nickle-per-gallon gasoline tax increase is one of the ways Pasco County is proposing to pay for road maintenance.

Stop property, gas tax hikes

The proposed gasoline tax and property tax increases are not good ideas at this time.

Both proposals are bad solutions at a time when seniors and the unemployed are just making ends meet not to mention the impact it would mean to the businesses selling gas in Pasco. Any extra money projected in the proposed increase in gas tax from tourists would probably be offset by Pasco residents going to Hillsborough County for gasoline.

Some ideas to consider: Increase impact fees; use municipal bonds for roads repair and maintenance or stop all new road construction not paid for by developers.

Remember property values will be increasing so will the property taxes. Don't put a tax increase on top of a tax increase.

Raymond Kobasko, Wesley Chapel

A substitute list for Lacoochee

Suggestions for replacements for the fired Lacoochee Elementary School staff: Michelle Rhee, Jeb!, Florida Education Commissioner Tony Benett, Davis Guggenheim (director, Waiting for Superman), state Rep. Will Weatherford and Bill Gates.

Gail A. Reynolds, Dade City

Church damage hard to fathom

While I realize the persons responsible for breaking into the Asbury United Methodist Church and its Fellowship Center, at 4204 Thys Road, New Port Richey, most likely do not read the paper, maybe someone will come forward.

There were doors kicked in, glass smashed and every key to various area doors stolen.

I can't understand why. Ten dollars was stolen.

Asbury tries to reach out to its surrounding community. I lose faith daily with society failings. But, but, to get some kicks out of damaging our church ? All I can say is this is a dark road you are traveling.

May God forgive you because I have a hard time doing it.

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Politics quashing gun ban debate | April 28, letter

Freedom reigns in gun law vote

Now that the effort to unnecessarily expand background checks on firearms purchase was defeated in the U.S. Senate, let us get rid of the liberal slant that President Obama has been promoting just as he did in Chicago.

Most gun shows have a Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives presence. This is true at the gun shows at the State Fairgrounds in Tampa as with most gun shows in the state. BATFE officers walk the show undercover and have a table at the show if anyone has questions on firearms transactions.

Here's the rub: U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio had an amendment to the gun bill to support law-abiding gun-owning Americans.

People with a concealed carry permit issued in their state of residence would have reciprocity with all of the states. The holder of such a permit has the ultimate background check.

He or she has been fingerprinted, provided a recent passport photo, taken a gun-safety class, and paid for their license. Fifty-seven senators voted for this, three short of the 60 needed.

As to the other 43 senators who voted against it, this shows freedom-loving Americans that those senators have their own political agenda.

Bill Bunting, Hudson

Schenck is sure no reformer

I couldn't agree with columnist Dan DeWitt more that State Rep. Rob Schenck is not a reformer.

In my opinion he has done nothing for Hernando County. Schenck stated during the election he was going to create jobs. Well, where are the jobs? Except maybe for his cousin, who is on the payroll as Mr. DeWitt stated in his column.

I called Schenck's office several times a year or so ago about sinkhole claims with no response at all.

In Spring Hill, we have major problems with Citizens Insurance with sinkhole claims and coverage. He is nowhere to be found and his help is completely nonexistent.

So who comes to the rescue for homeowners? State Rep. Mike Fasano who now represents Pasco County, but he still is there to help us out in Hernando County.

He has been outstanding to us with our problems and claims with Citizens Insurance.

Dennis Fischer, Spring Hill

Shining knight Rubio's dark side

At the annual Reagan Day dinner in Pasco County the GOP stars walked the red carpet, but none shined so brightly as U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, the young knight in shinning armor who voted against the Violence Against Women act.

None in attendance dared to reach for Excalibur, for that would take conscience. But, then none could pry the rifle from the hands of the good senator as he signed it and presented it the highest bidder.

Several members of the Pasco Board of County Commissioners stood in homage as the rifle was awarded.

The voices of the public were as ignored as the number of dead by gun violence.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

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