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Like Pasco officials, we too can help cut waste

Saving energy, creating jobs March 20 article

Like county, we too can cut waste

Kudos to Assistant County Administrator Dan Johnson (and Times staff writer Lee Logan) in providing such a positive article on how our government is implementing ways in which it can save taxpayers' money simply by re-evaluating the way it conducts its business.

We hear so many negative stories about life in general, and especially how our government wastes so many resources, that it's encouraging to know we have such proactive people leading our local government. If only all governments and its citizens followed, we would all be better off.

My wife and I recently took measures to reduce our impact on society as well, by simply changing our light bulbs, turning down our water heater, and having our duct system checked for leaks (aided by Progress Energy's incentives to check duct systems), along with recycling our accepted waste. We can all do our part and, if so and together, can provide a significant impact on society and our future.

Christian Kievit, New Port Richey

Nuclear plant next door is no big worry | March 20 Dan DeWitt column

Nuclear plants' safety in doubt

How nice that Dan DeWitt thinks that a nuclear power plant next door is no big worry. I find his arguments unconvincing and something of an apology for the power companies.

Nuclear power plants are an accident waiting to happen. There is nothing reassuring about the fact that the plant in Crystal River is 34 years old. It is aging and subject to failure as is evidenced by it being offline for the past two years. They cannot get it right to fix that reactor and should shut it down permanently.

The engineers always think that they have thought of every eventuality until Mother Nature throws them a curve. Then they all wring their collective hands and say it was an "act of God" and they could not possibly be responsible for it. Oh yeah, we'll never get an earthquake here. We'll never get a tsunami here. How on Earth can they guarantee that? The "No-Name Storm" wreaked havoc here in 1993, and that was not predicted. All of our county officials and utilities were scrambling around not knowing what to do next. I have little faith in their efficiency in a worse disaster.

If we had no alternatives to nuclear power plants, I would say that they were a necessary evil. There are so many different alternatives such as natural gas (of which we have more than any other country in the world); hydroelectric (which is not used at all in Florida to my knowledge, though we have lots of rivers); solar; geothermal; wind farms, etc.

Why the nuclear plants? It seems that the big power companies see them as some kind of status symbol. Progress Energy even has convinced our state legislators to allow them to charge customers to build a new nuclear power plant in Levy County and then raise their rates. What a world we live in.

The situation in Japan now proves that the nuclear engineers don't have a clue as to treating the meltdowns going on.

I am worried about the plant in Crystal River. I live further away than Dan DeWitt, but am worried nonetheless. The plant should be dismantled and the new one proposed be canceled. Then we can work on the other 103 nuclear plants in the country and close them all.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

Krewe of Chasco offends Indians

Soon Krewe of Chasco, the culture vultures of Pasco County, will be parading down Grand Boulevard in their mock Indian costumes. After more than 500 years of insults, massacres, land grabbing, mockery and continued violations of Indian sacred rituals and religion, you'd think enough was enough — but not so in New Port Richey.

The Krewe of Chasco continues to participate in the annual street parade amid repeated claims of stereotyping and racism. Some say they're honoring Native Americans, but I call dressing in hooker-type costumes and using cultural items such as headdresses a mockery.

For years, the parade organizers have failed to see how offensive the Krewe of Chasco is, not only to the American Indian Movement, but to others of social consciousness. One reason may be that those in power and influence in the community have family and friends who are krewe members. Another reason may be that New Port Richey needs a large dose of cultural education and diversity. Or, more than likely, a combination of both.

My claims of stereotyping and racism are repeated year after year. It may be redundant but if that is what it takes to reach closed minds, so be it. AIM is not going away and will persist in their efforts to ban the float.

Ruby A. Beaulieu, Port Richey, Executive Director, American Indian Movement, Florida Chapter

Fasano flexes his political muscle | March 20 C.T. Bowen column

Power is not in D.C., it's local

What a refreshing piece written by C.T. Bowen. Many of us political watchers are aware of the succession of events. In Sen. Mike Fasano's case, I'd like to think that he is sincere in his efforts to help Pasco County and, in turn, our state.

Each party here has its own kingmaker. Mike Olson, our tax collector, has had that role in the Democratic Party. It's the way of politics in our country and is rooted deeply, especially at the county level.

I was always taught to look to local politics — that's where the real power is; and in some cases, corruption. Those who get all excited about Washington would do well to remember this and keep an eye out. It's our future on the line. I have faith in Fasano, so time will tell.

Lilyan V. Dayton, New Port Richey

Restaurant not to blame in illness

This is in reference to the recent witch hunt of an unknown virus from an unknown source in Hernando County.

The Health Department has acted more than responsibly in this matter. They have checked out the information they have received and still cannot pinpoint the origin.

Too bad they weren't told that a group of those people who claimed to have gotten sick had just returned from a cruise. (This information was passed on by one of their own).

The restaurant that was targeted in this investigation and which was unfortunate to have hosted this group upon its return, has had an impeccable reputation in this community for the last 13 years and 22 years total in Pasco and Pinellas County. It has have never once been accused of being responsible of making someone ill.

It not only has one of the finest and cleanest dining establishments in Spring Hill, but regards their customers as friends and family. As a community, I say that we need to rally in support and not be led like sheep because of some loose cannons spreading gossip.

Just remember, gossip is just that — gossip — because it isn't the truth.

Joan Wilder, Port Richey

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