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Lion meat on the menu wasn't meant to offend

Re: A taste of untamed delights, story, July 5, and letters to the editor.

Lion meat not meant to offend

I had no idea that serving lion would offend so many people. When it was offered to me by one of my suppliers, I was curious myself about how lion would compare to other animals I have prepared for consumption. There was a limited amount available and, as it was the first time I had served it, I posted it on our board so our customers would be aware that they could try it here at Spoto's. We never intended to make it a regular selection on our menu, and all our customers who tried it seemed to be pleased with their selection.

For those who question my judgment for serving lion, I can only reply that I had confirmed that it was handled under government standards, was safe to eat, and that it was not killed illegally. I believed that any who did not want to dine on lion would simply not do so.

In fact, while we were serving lion, we had no complaints whatsoever, so we were surprised to read the letters of those who had read the article about our special offering in your newspaper.

We understand their feeling and hope that, likewise, they will understand our motivation for serving this meat that was already processed and available. We played no part in the killing or processing of the lion and only purchased it after it had been offered in the commercial marketplace.

Therefore, we apologize to any who were offended by our serving lion to our customers and ask them to respect the desire of those who ordered it to do so in our society.

We recognize that there are vegans, vegetarians, non-pork and non-beef eaters and a wide variety of other individuals who object to the eating of various types of animals. Yet, they do respect the right of others to do so, even if it should conflict with their principles. Be assured that at no time did we intend to offend anyone and that we will be more mindful in the future.

Jimmy Stewart, chef/owner Spoto's Steak Joint II, Dunedin

Re: Parents fight for bus route, story, July 3

A few dollars for a human life?

How much is a child's life worth? To save a few dollars, you would cut the school bus route (and expose children to) a dangerous and busy intersection.

It is not up to a child and crossing guard to know exactly the right time to cross a major thoroughfare. Drivers are tired and in a hurry in the mornings. Their minds are not on the safety of a child.

It is stupid to risk the life of a child or an adult in order to save a few dollars. Keep the school bus route as it is. Is this area of Florida so poor that it would risk a human life?

Renata Schwartz, Clearwater

'Art' makes road a true junk yard

I can't stand it! Yet another grotesque "thing" on Cleveland Street in Clearwater! Make it stop!

This one looks like pipes and tentacles. Added to the Sorcerer's Gate sculpture and those stupid looking balls, our downtown now looks like a true junk yard!

Someone may think this is art, but it's not. It doesn't say anything about Florida. Whatever happened to trees and flowers? That's what Florida is about — greenery, growth, color, vitality, life, beauty!

I lived for years on the Kona Coast of Hawaii, where the airport and land surrounding it is an old lava flow and there is almost no rain. Kona's Outdoor Circle planted bougainvillea out there; believe it or not, bougainvillea are so hardy, they thrive almost anywhere and don't require any care. And they are a lot cheaper than the travesty that is trying to pass for "art pieces."

Deanna King, Clearwater

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