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Losing respect for Pasco Sheriff Bob White

Losing respect for Sheriff White

I have respected Sheriff Bob White's judgment until now. It is my understanding there is a class at Pasco-Hernando Community College with some Florida state-certified corrections officers who have been sent there for further training as future employees of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, where they will be correction officers.

A certification/license from the state of Florida is not good enough? Or are these people being trained as dual officers, at the jail as corrections officers and as deputies? Will their salaries be the same? Why is taxpayer money being spent on additional training when the state of Florida recognizes them and their training as state-certified?

Maybe simple in-service training would benefit those already holding a license? The sheriff wants money, taxpayer money, and for the first time, I say "No!'' I realized personnel jumped to Hernando County when CCA left the county jail and the Hernando Sheriff's Office took over. I fail to see why the sheriff keeps coming up with reasons to get more money. The reason seems valid at first glance, but look deeper and your reasoning doesn't add up.

For years, I believed there was a black hole in the sheriff's personal office that sucked the presiding sheriff into a parallel world of deceit and self-serving financial gains. When did you get back?

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Keep mall project out of courts

The issue of Cypress Creek Mall has been going on almost as long as I can remember. Remember when the mall developers declared they identified about six gopher turtles that had to be moved and on moving day discovered there were 14 gopher turtles? Talk about an exciting criminal issue!

The next immensely disturbing criminal activity the Sierra Club discovered was that Cypress Creek got muddy after a severe rain. Look at Cypress Creek upstream of County Road 54. It gets muddy when it rains. Let's look downstream where the I-75 work is being done. The stream gets muddy! Any lake or stream gets muddy whenever it rains a lot.

Do our courts have nothing better to consider than the ravings of these people?

We are likely losing a great convenience to shoppers and an excellent tax base for Pasco County here.

Richard Gray, Land O'Lakes

Bunting doesn't speak for all

I read through the excellent article by Jodie Tillman highlighting Sen. Mike Fasano's hard work helping to elect Richard Corcoran to the state House District 45. What surprised me, and frankly made me laugh, were the comments made by Bill Bunting throughout the article as he made his animosity toward Mike Fasano clear. "Fasano's on his way out" and "I think Corcoran distanced himself from Fasano when he saw what was going on." It begs the question: What world does this man live on? Certainly not the real world of Pasco County politics.

Despite the facts documented in the article that Mike Fasano was involved in the day-to-day operation of the Corcoran campaign, Mr. Bunting makes comments that seem to come out of left field.

Mr. Bunting is so out of touch with grass roots politics in Pasco that he doesn't even know which winning candidates to support. Mike Fasano supported Brian Corley for appointment to the supervisor of elections position when Kurt Browning was named secretary of state. Mr. Bunting supported someone else. Mike Fasano backed Sheriff Bob White when the sheriff first ran for office. Mr. Bunting supported someone else. Mike Fasano supported Will Weatherford getting the nod for the House District 61 seat when Ken Littlefield was appointed to the Public Service Commission. Mr. Bunting supported someone else. And, in the Republican gubernatorial race last week, Mr. Bunting supported Bill McCollum, who lost to Rick Scott. His record at supporting winners is very poor indeed.

The beauty of our great country is that Mr. Bunting is allowed to have his opinion. However, his opinion carries little weight with me. For someone who was elected to represent the Republican Party of Pasco County, Mr. Bunting surely is not doing a very good job helping get Republicans elected to office. And, as the self-appointed spokesman for the party, he surely does not speak for me. I, for one, am a proud Republican who does not need to look to Bill Bunting for his misguided thoughts and his speech full of animus towards one of our most highly respected Republican leaders: Sen. Mike Fasano.

Ed Collins, New Port Richey

Let's stabilize our libraries, too

The Centennial Library Branch in Holiday is surrounded by three subdivisions in a beautiful location with a park at one side. In front of the library there is a plaque commemorating the history of the First Bank of Elfers.

Behind the library is the Pasco Art Council residing in the old Anderson House. The historic Baker House is also in back of the library; it was built in 1882 and is in historic records.

As a person who uses the library for reference books to use in the art center, I am finding this idea of closing the branch very discouraging.

This is a beautiful area with no traffic. I can see the people who are riding their bikes to the library fighting the traffic on Mile Stretch Road — the branch they want to keep open.

The commission can spend $3.94 million on an apartment complex to stabilize a neighborhood. How about stabilizing our library in our neighborhood?

Ruth Foster, Holiday

It's time to sign up for library cards

September is library card sign-up month in Pasco County. Libraries provide all Pasco County residents and visitors with comfortable and inviting library environments; knowledgeable staff giving courteous, responsive and accurate services; a broad collection of materials in a variety of formats; and access to current information technology.

In tough economic times, parents might find it harder than ever to make sure their children have everything they need for school. Luckily, a library card is the one school supply that will last forever.

Of course, a library card isn't just for children. A recent report found the importance of libraries in American life continued to grow in 2010 and accelerated dramatically as the national economy sank and people looked for sources of cost-effective help and services.

According to the state's Library of Florida, for every tax dollar Pasco County residents expended for library services, Pasco County libraries returned $11.21 in value. This is significantly greater than the state average of $8.32. In fact, 56 percent of Pasco County residents currently hold a library card, which is above the average of 53 percent for the state of Florida.

During the month of September, I encourage you to visit one of your Pasco County libraries and sign up for a library card. While you are there, check out all that your library has to offer. You will be glad you did.

Loraine Cors, president, Friends of the Pasco County Library System Inc.

Can't blame long lines for low turnout | Aug. 25 C.T. Bowen column

There's no good reason to not vote

I was the Republican activist, though I like to think of myself as a civic-minded individual, that Bowen quoted as saying, "People are mad at Washington, but people are always mad."

I was asked if I felt there was a sense of anger in the voters. Since I was standing the required 100 feet from the polling place holding my candidate's sign I commented, in less words, that I was not in the position to have in-depth conversations with voters on their thoughts regarding the election. I did point to the yard signs of the two GOP gubernatorial candidates and said that I had made phone calls for the candidate without a robo-caller and made a suggestive nod to my candidate's sign and commented that it was my sense that voters were mad at Washington and negative campaigning.

I continued to state that voters were always angered by negative campaigning, but the practice had a long history and gave anecdotal evidence with an Abe Lincoln quote: "My opponents call me two-faced. If I was two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"

My point was that low turnout and excuses of anger over negative campaigning or being swayed by the ad nauseam negative mailers and commercials is an affront to the sacrifices many have made for our privilege and right to vote. It also is an insult to the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson who said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Sandy Graves, Land O'Lakes

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