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Mary Jane Stanley's efforts made Pasco County better

Stanley made county better

Although we are not privy to the behind-the-scenes actions regarding the resignation of Mary Jane Stanley as chief executive officer of the Pasco Economic Development Council, the loss of her leadership will certainly be felt throughout the county.

She aggressively sought new industries and businesses to relocate to Pasco County. By all accounts she did this most effectively, as evidenced by the recent decision of T. Rowe Price to bring up to 1,600 jobs to central Pasco.

On a different note, Mary Jane has been extremely active in nonprofits in Pasco County, making this a better community in which to live. Her loss at the economic development council will be felt for a long time, but knowing her dedication to this county and its citizens, I have no doubt she will continue to be a leader and significant contributor to the betterment of Pasco County.

Craig Laporte, Trinity

Loss of Gadd hurts schools

I was not always a fan of Ray Gadd — that was before I knew him. The fact is, Mr. Gadd is extremely competent and everyone involved in the school system knows it.

His involvement in the construction of new schools saved the Pasco County School District millions of dollars. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to work with Mr. Gadd on school issues and have had the luxury of attending educational seminars at which he was speaking. He volunteered his time for any cause that helped children get a better education.

I do not know what direction the school system in Pasco is headed, but I know the loss of Mr. Gadd will make it more difficult.

Jeff Lucas, New Port Richey

Voters: Remember Fiorentino's ways July 5, letter

A short memory on hiring/firing

Where was Marge Whaley the last time? In does seem that people have a short memory.

In 1992, when Coy Pigman, then-principal of the Schwettman Adult Education Center, had the nerve to run against then-superintendent Tom Weightman, he felt sure he would win. When that didn't happen, what did the victorious superintendent do five months after the election? He demoted Mr. Pigman and said his contract would not be renewed when it expired at the end of the next school year.

I do not recall the School Board complaining, or even questioning, the move. I do remember that the School Board stated that it was up to the superintendent to hire and fire.

Now we have everyone second-guessing what our present superintendent is doing. If superintendent Heather Fiorentino wanted Mr. Gadd out for vindictive reasons, she could have done it in her first term.

I think it is safe to say we don't need a superintendent that is a rubber stamp for the School Board. She did what she did for reasons known to her. When I was in the work force, my bosses only needed to say, "You are no longer needed for that position." End of story.

Mr. Gadd will do fine, as did Mr. Pigman.

Vincent Buscetta, Port Richey

Put politics aside with term limits

As I sit here and read the issues concerning the actions of our school superintendent, it is evident our system of government is broken. It seems our elected officials start looking out for themselves the minute they win an elected position.

This is exactly why we the people have lost hope in both the Democrats and Republicans. We need a movement of politicians who have the guts to vote the correct way, which is best for the people rather than the way the party wants them to vote.

Let's start by putting in term limits of one term for every office. This way there are no lifetime politicians getting benefits that the average American does not enjoy. Also, there would be no rookies who would have to cater to the old school politicians in order to get an innovative bill passed.

Next we need to establish a citizens advisory/review board, whose job it is to give final approval of every bill passed both in Tallahassee and in Washington. It would consist of average consumers not CEOs or other influential political contributors. They review bills which have passed and make final judgment on whether they contain wasteful spending and if they really benefit the people. If they don't, the bill is killed and it has to be re-voted on. These people would have two-year term limits so as not to be influenced.

As we rapidly continue to drown in the current political incompetence, we cannot lose hope, but rather continue to stir the pot and cook up new recipes.

Ed Matthews, Dade City

Club Wildwood story was a laugh

I laughed when I read the article by Jodie Tillman about Club Wildwood, a 55 and older mobile home park located in Hudson.

My mother-in-law has lived there for almost 30 years. She has had her home up for sale for more than six months. There are many units for sale, many for more than two years. All the lots may have homes on them but many are empty, and I'm not talking about snowbirds.

The park is in need of a makeover. The clubhouse is very dated, the walks are in desperate need of cleaning, the flooding that occurs with heavy rain needs to be addressed and the front entrance and canal need to be cleaned up and improved.

Jack Crane, Trinity

Time to enforce fireworks laws

Disappointment overcomes the slap in the community's face by our public leaders who are spineless.

The City Council allows homes and people to be endangered. The County Commission remains complacent and Sheriff Bob White remains shamefully aloof and refuses to enforce the law.

Question: If it is shown that my house burns, ignited by discharge of illegal fireworks, who is going to step up to the plate and claim responsibility? Question to our sheriff: Is it against the law to discharge fireworks for other than "agricultural" use? Question to county commissioners: How many properties in Regency Park are zoned for agriculture use?

Shame on you all for turning away.

Mike Davis, Port Richey

Use an antenna to get broadcasts

In response to the letter regarding the upgrade by Bright House, in order to continue receiving the WUSF broadcasts I suggest the writer and others join the ranks of those who have switched to over-the-air TV reception.

First, buy a newer antenna and a mast, if one is not already attached to your house, and some coaxial cable wire. One end screws into the antenna and the other to the Bright House or satellite signal splitter in your attic or on the side of your house. Set your TV set to antenna. Enjoy 29 digital channels including the four WUSF channels and the four WEDU channels along with two round-the-clock weather channels and stop paying that exorbitant monthly bill.

We did this three years ago and never looked back. Check out television listings on your computer to see all of the free channels available to you.

Richard Back, Port Richey

Why can't county dig a small ditch?

We live on Tumbleweed Drive in the Forest Hills East subdivision. This home was purchased one year ago, but we have resided in the Holiday area about 20 years. Our home is located near a small section of vacant land that is owned by Pasco County.

The section of our road had water build up after the rain. After some calls to the Department of Public Works, the answer we finally received was that it could take a couple of years to straighten out as the Southwest Florida Water Management District would be involved. We were just looking for the county to send out a crew and dig a small productive rain ditch on the county property.

With the water utilities upgrades that were very recently installed on this property it would be easy to locate the underground utilities if it is a concern.

As we are having a budget crisis in Pasco County, you would think streamlining a situation would be better than passing the project from one desk to another and to another and so on. In the meantime, we are in hurricane season and several homes could possibly be unnecessarily affected by heavy rain.

Susan Esposito, Holiday

Mary Jane Stanley's efforts made Pasco County better 07/06/09 [Last modified: Monday, July 6, 2009 6:46pm]
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