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Mayor has tough job in Port Richey

Mayor has tough job in this town

The decision to let the city manager go was not a spineless and cowardice act by the mayor in the face of a uninformed gang of malcontents. It was in the face of a vice mayor, Dr. Mark Hashim, who, as your newspaper has so many times reported, wants to close the city. He threatened the mayor with ruining Christmas for the pregnant wife of the city manager. He references the city as "crap." Watch the meeting and see who are the vocal minority.

The mayor must live and govern a small contentious town. Every two weeks he must try to maintain order. He has always acted like a professional and gentleman. This city manager did not even prepare a schedule for his own evaluation when it was brought up several times at previous meetings. He played his politics in private. Should all the complaints have been brought out in public? Perhaps, yes. But this city manager acted in private, always vague, always remaining silent at City Council meetings, except when a visionary sales pitch was appropriate.

Watch the meeting, see our close-the-city leader Dr. Hashim pound his fist on the dais and talk about what he wants to do to help the citizens of our city, all the while wanting to close it, all the while challenging the mayor with this intellectual conundrum from which he suffers.

With all due respect, you have to walk a mile down Bay Boulevard in the mayor's moccasins before you pass such harsh judgment. Yeah, just stand up and say what you think at a Port Richey council meeting. It's that simple.

Richard Reade's departure was in the best interests of those who want a full service city and that courageous decision was made, even in the face of the unprofessional and outright verbal abuse of his council member peers and select close-the-city cronies.

James Mathieu, Port Richey

Editor's note: The writer is former city attorney and interim city manager in Port Richey.

Professional? Not the vice mayor

I was at the meeting of the Port Richey City Council and heard a lot of people throwing around the word "professional."

Well, if any of you heard Vice Mayor Mark Hashim make a very rude comment to me, it would have made you wonder about how professional he really is. I have more class in my little pinky than he will ever have.

Why stay on the council? He doesn't have anything to offer this city that the residents want.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

Council just wants publicity

Well, there they go again! The Port Richey council has again tarnished another hard-working, outstanding city manager and damaged his reputation. What a fine example you are! Nothing has changed in the more than 21 years I have lived in west Pasco.

Many times the dissolution of the city has come up. So far, it hasn't happened. I'm tired of reading about the various shenanigans. It's a soap opera and always has been. The council just likes its name in the paper.

Now is the time — dissolve Port Richey. There is absolutely no reason for it to exist any more. I'll be watching for your announcement in 2009!

Ellie Sayre, Hudson

On gun issues, Bunting is stellar | Dec. 15, letter

GOP misses mark in gun discussion

The letter writer has completely missed the point regarding Bill Bunting and the gun issue. What most citizens want is a massive reduction in gun crime by individuals legally prohibited from owning firearms.

Bunting's cry for guns everywhere has very limited political appeal as evidenced by the disastrous results for Republicans in the recent elections.

If Bunting and the local Republicans conducted a lengthy, meaningful campaign to keep guns away from convicted felons and other prohibited individuals, they might well broaden their base. Meanwhile, prohibited individuals and criminals have almost unfettered access to firearms and Bunting and his followers appear oblivious to this issue.

Clearly, Republicans are capable of aggressively addressing other issues that play a much larger role in our lives.

Thomas Burke, Clearwater

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